Barry, Anna, Amanda, Milly and I walked from Anna and Barry’s house to Vito’s Pizza this evening with Hannah, Kirsten and Christian following in our car (so we could just leave from there).  We had a really good time just sitting outside, eating pizza and hanging out.  Anna said something about trying to make it a Sunday tradition.

As I said yesterday, I didn’t end up doing cameras at church this morning, so afterwards we ate breakfast at Atlanta Bread then walked around Mayfaire a bit.  We let Milly actually walk around instead of putting her in a stroller.  She stopped a few times to dance to the jazz music.  Her dance move is this: plant feet about shoulder-width apart, lean forward and bend knees to bob up and down, maybe clapping now and then.  After stopping by Barnes & Noble, where she (sorta) played with some other kids in the little kids’ section, she tried to open the doors to William Sonoma but they weren’t open yet so she just sat down with her back against the door, as if waiting for the store to open.

By the time we were on the way home Milly was ready for her nap and was letting us know about it.  We were coming up through Brittany Woods and were about to turn onto Murrayville Road when we saw a small dog on the side of the road.  We didn’t feel it was a good place for a small dog to be, so we picked it up and Amanda knocked on a few doors of nearby houses.  None of them answered though, so we were going to go home and put Milly back to bed, then I was going to come back out and try some more.

For the heck of it, I suggested we check with the house across Murrayville Road, and it turned out that that’s where the dog came from.  Her guess was that her little boy, who was maybe three, had let the dog, Zoe, out.  She had a Carolina flag in her yard and I wanted to tell her she could never say a Duke fan never did anything for her, but I didn’t.

At home, Milly went down for a nap, Amanda and I watched The Soup and then I also took a nap.  A little later we went out to Wrightsville Beach.  Barry and I went to look at the surf, but it wasn’t very good out front (which is what we call the part of the beach across the street from their house), so he and I decided to look at the north end of Wrightsville.

We decided to try it out, but it was kind of rough.  I mean, the water wasn’t particularly rough, but it was big and it was thick.  I spent the entire time paddling and practicing my duck diving and eventually decided to ride some white water in.  Even the white water was big, though.  I noticed that Barry was onshore at that point and waiting for me.  He hinted that it was a bit dangerous out there and we headed back to his place.

That was the first time I surfed the north end of Wrightsville Beach.  Sadly, I can still name all the places I’ve surfed (in chronological order I think):

  • Topsail Beach
  • Crystal Pier (Wrightsville Beach)
  • Masonboro Island
  • Figure Eight Island
  • Playa Guiones, Costa Rica
  • The North End of Wrightsville Beach

Amanda had planned on going out on the beach with Milly and Anna, but it was a bit windy and the rip current was strong, so she decided not to.  After that we went to Vito’s.

Zach Dotsey