Not Nikki Spade Nude
I don’t think this is Nikki Spade nude

…is apparently one of the top search terms that brings people to my website.

As you probably don’t recall, Nikki Spade is a girl who sent friend requests to, like, everyone on Facebook, but nobody knew who she was, prompting us to start a Facebook group called I Have No Idea Who Nikki Spade Is.

So for whatever reason, even though nobody knows who she is, someone wants to know what she looked like naked, as “nikki spade nude” is tied for the second most searched term that brings people to my website, which is averaging a whopping 700 hits a month.

I just thought I’d let anyone looking her up know that I not only have no idea who Nikki Spade is, but I also have no idea what Nikki Spade looks like naked.  If you’re one of those people dying to see Nikki Spade nude, good luck, I guess, but you’re not going to find it here.  Feel free to keep padding my website stats though.