Today was a good day, but I figured I’d finish up the work week with the naming theme I started a few days ago.

Amanda and I slept downstairs, just to make sure Milly wouldn’t wake us up.  Amanda got up this morning and brought a very happy Milly down to see me before changing and feeding her.  I was marveling at Milly’s eyelashes; they’re so thick and long.  I got up a few minutes later and took a shower then settled into a workday that was much less stressful than the last one.

Milly Dotsey's first kill
Milly Dotsey's first kill

Amanda and Milly hung out outside for a little bit.  Milly walked all the way down to the cul-de-sac, where Amanda said she wanted to go play in the yard of the a-frame house.  She also saw a large spider and stepped on it.  Amanda said it shriveled up some by the time I saw it, and it was still big and thick then.  Amanda saw her intentionally do it.  It’s a little odd, knowing that my one year old has purposely killed (or at least purposely stepped on) a living creature.

Milly, who is feeling much better today, though her nose it still snotty, has been doing so much lately.  She can say and point to noses, eyes and ears.  Amanda said that she said “thank you” today, and she has finally signed it, too.  She’s doing the sign for yogurt and she made up her own sign where she points to the open palm of her hand.  We have no idea what she means by it.  Amanda was trying to get her to say “red rum” in a scratchy voice, and she did make some noises in a scratchy voice.  She also tried to make animal sounds for her Nana today, doing “meow” very well.  It was sort of like “me-yaw.”  (My girl’s southern.)  She’s also started putting her mouth on you for kisses again, instead of just offering her forehead for you to kiss.  It’s odd- for a while if you told her to give you a kiss, that’s what she’d do, whereas if you told her to kiss a doll or one of our pets, she’d press her mouth against them and make a “mmm” sound.

Speaking of Nana, she and Paw Paw (Milly can say both of those names) came today.  We ate enchiladas and went to The Fuzzy Peach for dessert, and on the way there was when Milly made the animal sounds.

Karen and Phil (Nana and Paw Paw) came to help us put up a wall upstairs.  Amanda and I decided some time ago that we wanted to close our room off from the stairs, and Phil decided that tomorrow is the day.  He and I stopped by Home Depot on the way back from The Fuzzy Peach.

After Milly went to bed (she almost went down peacefully), we all watched last night’s Fringe then just hung out in the living room for a while.

Today was a big day for a friend of mine.  He had a girl come to town to visit him.  Normally you wouldn’t think it’s that big a deal, but it is.  I look forward to hearing from him.

Hmm, I just checked Facebook and saw that my bestest and oldest friend, Jason Revill, has changed his relationship status to “in a relationship” and the girl he’s in a relationship with, Elizabeth Steelmon, “likes” it, so I guess I can put all that.

Ahhh- I’m so cheesing right now!  You just don’t even know!  September 24, 2010: mark it down.  And now my headline makes more sense.

Zach Dotsey