Thought I’d stick with the Misery theme from the last two days.

I did not have a very good day, and it started at about 1:30 AM when Milly woke up crying.  Amanda and I could tell that it was a “get me out of here” cry and not a “need help” cry.  She did it off and on until sometime around 3:00, at which point we couldn’t take it anymore.  Normally, of course, we’d just go to the guest room, but my drugged up, surgery-recovering brother was in there, and as crowded as that bed gets with me, Amanda, Bruce, Harvey and Cobb (our dogs and cat, if you don’t know), we didn’t think adding a full grown person to the mix would be a good idea.

Well, I’m the one who looks in on Milly Sunday through Wednesday since I have the advantage of sleeping in later and working from home, so I went in and as soon as I opened the door she stopped crying, of course.

I changed Milly’s diaper, which was wet but not drastically so, and let her walk around in the nursery for a bit.  I tried putting her back in the crib and she started shaking her head “no.”  She’s picked that up in the past few days and every time I tried to put her down during the night she showed me that she had a mastery of the gesture as well as the meaning of it.

Anyway, I wrapped myself up in the comforter we use as a rug in that room and let Milly mill about.  After a while she started making too much noise playing with things around the room, so I picked everything up and put them out of her reach.  At some point she started crawling all over me and and the pillow I was using and, at some eventuality after that, she put her head down next to mine and we fell asleep.

I woke up at some point in the night (there’s no clock in the nursery) and thought I’d try to move my sleeping baby back to the crib so I could get back in my comfortable bed.  That was stupid, of course, because she woke right up and started shaking her head.  I tried to get her to go back to sleep with me on the floor, but she wanted to walk around, and a few minutes later I heard Amanda’s alarm go off.  It was 6:45.

It was pretty much over at that point.  Milly was intrigued by the light coming in from under the door.  Amanda came in to check on me, which was fine because Milly wasn’t going to lie back down anyway.

Milly stayed up until about 10:00, and she fussed when I put her down then too, despite being obviously tired.  I didn’t get to sleep until about 6:30.  I was really hoping for a slow day at work so I could take a nap, and I even told my boss, Scott, that I was planning on doing so.  It didn’t work out that way though.

First, I freaked out reading some emails because I got notifications that a lot of our hosting accounts were over quota.  It turned out that they actually were not, but I was scrambling to figure that out.  Then Scott updated something on one of the automatic settings for setting up hosting accounts, and that reset a number of things so I went through a list of accounts and made sure they were all set to what they should be, instead of the new default.

Then I had a client who told me at about 10 that they needed something done before a newsletter went out in half an hour.  I won’t bother going into details, but I linked the wrong file.  I fixed it quickly once I was told about the mistake, but I did get cussed at a little.  I had sent a test of the newsletter to the client to make sure everything was right, but I didn’t think to point that out while I was being fussed at.

I had one thing that I had planned on doing first thing today, but there were so many little things that needed to be done that I didn’t get to it until around noon I guess, and that’s after starting work early (since Milly and I were up early anyway).

Then I got calls all day long from people trying to get me to outsource our web design and programming services, sell us group insurance (we don’t have enough employees for that) or wanted to talk to the person who was in charge of our IT purchases.  Seriously, what’s so special about today that I got so many calls?

I did get everything done today, and when I shut my laptop I was shocked to see that it was exactly 5:00.  I thought it was at least 5:30.

Adam got up a little after Milly went down for her morning nap.  He’s still swimmy today, but he was at least able to talk some.  He spent most of the day on the couch with ice packs on his jaws.

Amanda came home, got Milly then went out to have lunch with Cyra.  She’d had a rough day at work too.  Her boss is leaving, which she’s really bummed about, and there’s a lot up in the air now.

After I finished work I drove Adam home.  Amanda offered to, but he told her he’d wait for me to finish work for some reason.  It was actually the first time I’ve been to his current place, which is a place attached to another house.  It’s a nice little place.  You walk in to an open living room that opens into a kitchen behind a bar.  It’s got two rooms off of that open area and a bathroom behind the bar.  Simple, but very open and nice.

I got about an hour’s nap after I got home.  I woke up to Amanda saying that Milly was being cute and playing with the suds in her baby tub.  While I was out yesterday I’d picked up a bottle of menthol vapor baby wash, which should help her nasal congestion.

Milly didn’t want to go to bed, yet again.  I really hope it’s just because she’s not feeling well and that she’s not going through a phase where she just doesn’t want to go down to sleep.  She demonstrated the ability and understanding of shaking her head “no” again.  She only fussed for a minute or two though.

The new TV season premieres continued tonight.  Thursday is a rich one for us, showcasing Community, The Office, 30 Rock, new show Outsourced, Fringe and Big Bang Theory, which moved from Monday to Thursday.  Amanda and I watched the NBC comedies and DVR’ed the rest.  Outsourced was pretty decent, I thought.  Parks and Recreation will be back later though, so I don’t know what they’ll do with it.  I was sad to see Michael Scott when they first showed him on The Office because it’s Steve Carell’s last season.

We are, for the record, sleeping downstairs tonight.  Just in case, you know.  Neither I nor Amanda got much sleep last night and my hour nap helped, but it wasn’t enough that I’d care to be woken up tonight if Milly gets bored of being in her crib.

Zach Dotsey