My brother, Adam Dotsey, came over today escorted by his landlord.  He wasn’t in any trouble or anything like that; he was all doped up from having his wisdom teeth removed.  Adam staggered in and collapsed on the couch.  He was OUT.  He later sent the following in an email to a bunch of people:

Last I remember of the surgery they were giving me laughing gas and had hooked up an IV to the back of my hand. I was worrying about still being so concious when next thing I knew zach was waking me up from his couch to go lay on the bed.

He got here around 10 and I moved him around 12:15.  Milly would be getting up soon and Amanda would be home, so I wanted him to be someplace where he could rest undisturbed.  He wasn’t too hard to care for.  I got him water to drink, gauze for his mouth and helped him with his pills now and then.  The hardest thing I had to do was to just convince him to eat anything, though it’s not like he fought me or it was actually difficult.

I went to the Frazelles’ this evening to help move a picnic table.  Anna and Barry wanted to move the one they had out on their back patio to the porch.  Anna, Barry, Hannah and Christian had succeeded in moving it next to the stairs, but they couldn’t get it up them and on the porch.

Lars and his brother, Sven (Mike and Peter Boscaljon) were there when I arrived.  Anna helped a tad, but mostly it was the three of us.  The idea they came up with was to lift the picnic table straight up then push it over the railing of the landing, then carry it sideways through the entrance of the porch.  We did just that.  It really was a heavy picnic table, but the only real difficulty, to me, was making sure it didn’t gouge out part of the railing as we moved it over that.

Anna was gushing in her thanks.  Barry arrived a little bit before the Boscaljon boys left and I talked with him and Anna for a bit.  Barry and I took a walk out to look at the waves and, though it was windy, it looked fun.  It was a bit late for me to bother going out though.

While we were out there Barry started talking to a guy he knew.  It’s the guy who owns the small house with the fish shutters across the street from the access.  I guess they own the house across from that one too, because he and his boys went in there after we walked back.

He told me and Barry about living in Uruguay, and honestly he had me wanting to at least visit there, if not buy a house.

Milly’s mood was better today, though she was still a bit snotty.

Zach Dotsey