Milly was very snotty today, and fussy.  She cried off an on throughout her morning nap, but since she was going to be crying and fussing anyway, I preferred that she do it upstairs, not right next to me, so I could work.  To add to Milly’s misery, she had her 15 month checkup today and got some shots.

Amanda made spinach-stuffed chicken (inspired by Stephanie Konny, who was eating it when we arrived at her and Blake’s place on Saturday) for dinner tonight.  It smelled so good, and it tasted good too.  I know, can you believe I liked something with spinach?  It’s something I’ve come to learn isn’t actually as bad as I grew up thinking it was.  I wish I’d come to that conclusion much earlier in life.

Small group was over at our house tonight.  We’re doing a study that goes along with the current series at Port City Community Church about becoming better stewards with what God’s given us.  It was a real good discussion with a bit of an edge to it.  It’ll be interesting going forward.

After everyone left, Amanda and I watched last night’s season premiere of House.  Milly, up in her nursery, was crying a bunch and about halfway through the show Amanda decided to let her come down and hang out with us.  She sat quietly with us the whole time.  She wasn’t happy about going back in her crib afterwards, but she’s had a rough day.

Zach Dotsey