Amanda and I could hear Milly having a conversation with herself while we were getting ready for church this morning.  It was adorable.  When we got to church, Milly decided to ditch the Grow Zone line and walk around a little.  She got all kinds of compliments and and stopped  in front of the main doors to the auditorium to do a little dance to the music.

After church we call came home.  Milly went down for a nap, Cyra came by and she and Amanda went to decorate their boss’s office for her birthday (bittersweet as she’s leaving at the end of the week and Amanda really likes her).  Amanda expected me to nap, but instead I sanded the new walls and touched up paint in some spots on the stairwell I had puttied up yesterday.  I was going to put another layer of putty on the new wall, but I couldn’t find the putty and putty knife.  I found it tonight… right in front of the wall on the floor.  I’d looked everywhere but down.

Amanda took a bit longer than she expected to.  Milly was up and fed when she got home and we were going to head on out to the Frazelles’ to hang out before dinner, but Milly got fussy so we put her down for about an hour first.

Milly Dotsey enjoying leftovers
Milly Dotsey enjoying leftovers

We ate leftovers from Kirsten’s birthday party yesterday, which was great because the food was awesome.  Milly had a terrific time, as she was eating lasagna, bread, applesauce and mango ice cream pie all within quick succession.  To make it even better, she was scooping it all up with her hands and cramming it into her face.

Milly had all kinds of fun today.  She played a piano at Anna and Barry’s, ate crushed ice and said several new words.  We got her to say (or at least try to say) I love you, Bruce, Harvey, Kirsten, Barry and Anna.  Sorry you weren’t there, Hannah.  If it’s any consolation, if Milly can say Anna, she can likely say Hannah, too.

We finally got a good bit of much-needed rain today.  It was never Particularly heavy, but it’s been going to a while.

My parents were supposed to be coming to town this coming weekend, but my mom is going to be on call for work, so they’re rescheduling it for the following weekend.  My sister Andra and her family will be in town that weekend, so we’re going to have a packed house.  Should be fun though.

Speaking of family, I talked to Baba for a bit this afternoon.  She was actually pretty chatty, which is funny because she usually is not.  She had just talked (separately) to Uncle Tom and Aunt Terry and she told me that she’d gone to church today, had some visitors this week, and had recently been to Cincinnati and saw some people she hadn’t seen in a really long time.  I’m glad she’s able to get out and do things, and that she has people who are helping her out and keeping her company.

Zach Dotsey