Before yesterday it hadn’t rained here in quite a while, but today it rained pretty much all day long.  Sometimes it came down strong, sometimes it came down light, but it kept up until just a little while ago.  I think I read that Wilmington got about 10 inches today, which, of course, caused some flooding here and there.

Here at our house we didn’t get any flooding.  Milly and I didn’t get to go for our Monday walk, obviously.  At one point I took her out on the front porch to look at the rain (which fascinated her).  The way the rain settles here when there’s a lot of it is that it will pool up a little right in front of the porch, on the walkway.  I turned around literally for a second or two, and when I turned back around, Milly was, of course, standing in it with shoes on.  Then, of course, she teetered and fell on her bottom, so she was a little soaked.

After I took her back inside and got some clothes (she’d still been in her pajamas) she wouldn’t let me put her shirt on her, which is a first.  I’d get it over her head and she’d pull it off before I could get her arms through.  I wouldn’t have cared, but I thought she’d get cold.

Paul Ayers came by today for a bit.  He was returning my call from Saturday and as we were talking he asked if we had internet over here.  He said it was out all in his neighborhood, so I told him to come by and use ours.  (He works from home, too.)

Milly was pretty good for me today.  She was a little needy here and there, but not too bad.  Early in the day she wanted something, but she was shaking her head to everything I offered her.  She wanted to get into the fridge, so I finally let her and she went straight for a sippy cup of milk, even though I’d already offered her another one.  (I didn’t know that one was in there.)

Amanda watched Sharktopus, a SyFy Channel original movie, almost as soon as she got home today.  She’d DVR’ed it this weekend.  I tweeted about it as we watched (and as I was finishing up work).  After that we watched How I Met Your Mother, House (which had a long pause when Paul came back by to pick up something he left and bring me some tools for the wall).  I watched Smallville‘s final season premiere after Amanda went to bed.

I talked to Jason for a little bit today.  He really had a great time with Liz’s visit this weekend.  He sounds really happy with her, and though I haven’t talked to her, what I’m picking up from Facebook chatter makes it sound like she’s pretty happy too.

There were several birthdays today.  First, off, my baby sister, Andra Dotsey, it 25 today.  Wow, I can’t believe that.  I really can’t.  I figured I’d give her a call tomorrow to talk to her.

Seth Holloman was also born September 27th, as was Amanda’s boss, Laura.