Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I’m sitting here watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  I’ve always loved this movie, even though I know it’s not a particularly great movie.  I mean, Kevin Costner was 36 when it came out (which is the same age, I just realized, as Russell Crowe, who also recently played the part of Robin Hood), and the only time he really tries affecting an English access is when he’s disguised as a poor blind dude covered in poo.

The movie also takes some liberties with the Robin Hood legend, throws in a few anachronisms and adds Azeem the Moore and the Sheriff’s witch with no appearance by Prince John.  However, there is some snappy dialog, good sets and production values good action and Alan Rickman completely steals every scene he’s in as the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Maybe it’s not such a bad movie and I’ve always just convinced myself it’s a guilty pleasure.

The rain continued today, though it was a lot more intermittent and I don’t think Wilmington was flooded any today.  I went out in it to run to Costco to pick up some dog food and light bulbs.  We’ve had so many bulbs go out lately.  The ones I got today are twisty, energy efficient ones.  I got some bright ones, and they definitely make a difference in this house.

Milly continued saying pretty much whatever we ask her to say today.  The big word was cashew.  What surprised me was that she could do the K sound.  She didn’t quite get the second syllable, which is a little odd since one of her default words is shoe.

She also spent some time with Bruce in the papasan (which, with some effort, she can climb in and out of).  At first she just sat with him, gave him a couple hugs and kisses and pet him some.  After a few minutes though, she was wiggling all around and screaming with laughter while the poor chihuahua just tried not to get kicked or smashed.

Milly really does think Bruce is hilarious.  Most mornings she’ll be sitting in her booster seat eating breakfast, and when she hears him come down the stairs she’ll start screaming (in a happy way) and twisting all around to try to see him.  If he walks towards her while she’s walking around, she’ll start running like he’s playing chase with her.  She knows and loves Harvey too, but she seems to be more entertained by Bruce right now.  I’m thinking it’s because he’s smaller.

Amanda and I went to small group tonight.  Not too much to mention there, other than that we had a pretty good discussion.

I’m in a Robin Hood mood and feel like watching the Russell Crowe version that I never had much of a desire to see before.

Zach Dotsey