Milly melted my heart last night.  I was up late watching a movie (Robin Hood, which wasn’t as bad as I expected, or maybe I just had really low expectations) when Amanda came downstairs on her way to the guest room saying Milly was crying.  After I finished the movie I went upstairs to get Bruce and I heard Milly making a really sad crying sound, not the usual angry crying she does when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  She was doing a little bit of stutter crying, and since Amanda and I hadn’t been around to put her down for the night I thought I’d look in on her.

She quieted up as soon as I opened the door.  I noticed she had snot all over her face, so I took her into the bathroom and wiped up my baby’s face.  When we went back into the nursery, Milly laid her head on my right shoulder and wrapped her arms around me.  You’ve got to understand that Milly isn’t usually very snuggly.  She’ll plop down in your lap, but she’s never been all about hugging.  But not only did she hug me, which moved me some, but when I hugged her tighter she hugged me  tighter and tighter.  I probably could have stood there all night with her.  I mean, she just buried her head into my shoulder and held on so tight.  It was so sweet.

She didn’t fuss at all when I did finally put her back down.

Michael and Jenn stopped by on their way to Ohio to visit Jenn’s family.  Michael had asked last night if he could borrow a power thing we have for cars.  He’d rented a car that has an audio jack in it, so I let them borrow an iPod hookup for their trip too.

I took Milly out to see Jenn, who was in the car, and Milly fussed when I took her out.  I guess she wanted to go to Ohio.

Amanda must have felt like making food today because she fixed mac & cheese for lunch and spaghetti and salad for dinner.  She also steam cleaned the upstairs, so it was a pretty industrious day for her.

After dinner I worked on puttying the new wall upstairs.  I put tape up and worked on the edges, and after seeing how much the putty is shrinking back upon drying, I’m thinking it’ll be a bit before we get to paint the walls.  Certainly before Andra’s family comes to visit, but probably not before my parents come this weekend.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched The Event and last week’s two (somewhat related) episodes of Law & Order: SVU.  The guy who played Desmond on Lost was on it, and at the end of the second episode Amanda and I both sadly said, “Oh, Desmond,” at the same time.

The rain continues.  The weather system that’s coming through stretches straight up from Florida to Canada.  It’s almost eerie looking.  I only get to see it on the news since I work from home, but there’s a lot of flooding going on.  Don’t worry though, it’s not bad at our house.  As I’ve mentioned a hundred times I’m sure, we live in some odd weather pocket where we tend to get less rain than the rest of Wilmington.

Zach Dotsey