Austin Rivers, the number one player in the college freshman class of 2011, announced that he’ll be a Blue Devil today.  Just about everyone thought that’s where he was going to end up once he decommitted from Florida, but UNC and Kansas got themselves in the mix.  He was actually scheduled to visit the Chapel Hill campus this weekend, but he called it off and went ahead and verballed to Duke.  That made my rainy day!

I was still awake at midnight last night when I heard Milly start to fuss, so I went ahead and looked in on her.  She went right back to sleep pretty quickly, but she was up again a little later so I decided to just go to sleep downstairs.  Amanda joined me briefly, but then ended up checking on Milly again and staying upstairs.  She said she heard Milly a few other times throughout the night, but not for long.  I’d really like it if she went back to sleeping through the entire night every night again.

There was a lot going on at work today.  I called several people about some past due accounts, and, as usual, most of it stemmed from needing to update contact information, or the person was quick to respond with a payment.

One of them told me they were being overcharged and decided to move their hosting.  I got to thinking about it and looked up their Google ranking, since search engine optimization is a large part of what this client pays for, and discovered that we had their website ranked #1 for three out of four very good search engine terms, and for the fourth term it was ranked at #3.  I let them know this, offered to discontinue parts of the service in order to cut the bill and gave them advice on how not to mess up the site’s ranking if they do go through with the move.

In other fun work-related news, poor Travis has Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  He should be fine though.

We had a whole slew of Warkentiens come over for dinner and Thursday night TV tonight.  Nick, Amy, Eli and Amber came over around 6:30 for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken soup, which seemed very appropriate for the weather.  Milly and Eli picked at chicken soup (without pretty much any broth) and grilled cheese sandwiches which were torn into small pieces.  Eli also had some apple that Amy cut up, but Milly wasn’t a fan.  I think she didn’t like how hard the pieces were.  She also said Amber and Amy.

After the kids were in bed we watched Community, The Office, 30 Rock, Outsourced and Fringe.  Amy wasn’t feeling great and they all took off after that.

Zach Dotsey