As seen in the video above, Milly has a firm grasp on expressing herself with the word “no.”

Amanda and I also discovered that Milly has learned yet another sign from her Baby Einstein sign language video.  Amanda asked her this evening if she wanted to take a bath.  She didn’t say anything, but she put her hands up near her shoulders and sort of “blinked” her hands.  After she did it a couple times, I realized that she was making the sign for bath.  I mean, technically she should have been brushing her shoulder/chest area, but I got what she meant.  We were so proud of her!

That’s three signs she’s learned from the video: bath, eat and ball.  She also learned mommy and daddy, but she’s hardly used those.  There’s one more sign she’s been doing, but I can’t quite tell what it is.  It might be help, although instead of pointing her thumb up with one hand and putting it in the palm of her other hand, she points at her palm.  Maybe it’s something else, I’m not sure.

Milly also said “daddy” more clearly than she ever has before, and while she was taking her bath she “helped” me shampoo her hair.  It is so amazing watching her pick up new little things like that.

Today was Amanda’s boss’s last day.  Amanda’s off on Fridays, but they were having a going-away breakfast lunch (no, not a brunch) for Laura and Amanda was doing pancakes and eggs.  She was off doing that for a while, which was fine until Milly started getting needy while I was trying to do a bunch of stuff with work.  I got done what I needed to get done though.

Amanda ended up having a headache laster on and vegged out on the couch while Milly was napping.  After I finished work I went upstairs and sanded the wall before applying another coat of putty.  There was plaster dust all over everything, and it woke Milly up.  I vacuumed a little later.  I know it’s just going to get messy again, but I didn’t want to leave it there overnight.

Milly bathed then we put her to bed and watched a little TV until my parents arrived.  They’re down here visiting for the weekend.  We talked for a bit and watched some Milly videos, and now everyone but me is in bed.  I will be pretty soon though.

Zach Dotsey