I took Milly downstairs to see her Pap and Mum Mum this morning, but she wasn’t too sure about them at first.  It’s been a little while since she’s seen my parents, after all.  While my mom was showering and such, Dad sat with me at the table for Milly’s breakfast.  My dad was pretty goofy with her, and it didn’t take her long to warm up to him or my mom after that.

Amanda and I soon headed off to Eli Warkentien’s baby dedication.  As we were leaving, Mom, Dad, Milly and Bruce were going for a walk.  They ended up walking down the first road from our house and back then went back out with Milly to walk to get some food.  They ended up going to Ollie’s, a doughnut shop not far from here.  They got back just as we were getting back from the dedication.  They said they had a great time with Milly.  They also stopped at the Dollar General up that way and got a couple things for her.

Eli’s dedication was really nice.  Sitting in on it were me, Amanda, the Cains, the Paschals, Nick’s sister Amber and Greg Mason.  Allison Mason was at the next table.  They split up to represent for Nick and Amy and another couple in their small group.  Anyway, it was good to be able to come together for Nick, Amy and Eli, not to mention getting a reminder of Milly’s dedication.

After we got back, Dad, Mom and I went over to Adam’s.  He’s all packed up to move to Charlotte and we were going to help him load up a trailer, but first he needed to get the trailer, and he, Mom and Dad were going to look putting him on Mom and Dad’s family plan and upgrading some phones.

We spent a good bit of time at the Verizon store.  The guy who was helping us out, also named Adam, was really good with us.  He had been in the Army, so he and my brother Adam talked about that some, and it turned out that he was a Duke fan, so he and I talked about that some.  Anyway, Adam got put on Mom and Dad’s plan and upgraded his phone to a Droid Incredible, but my parents weren’t due for an upgrade for a little while, so they didn’t get anything.

We picked up the trailer after that (we were all riding in Mom and Dad’s truck, which was recently damaged when someone borrowed it), dropped it off at Adam’s place then met Amanda and Milly (who had just gotten up from a nap) at Krazy’s Pizza on Shipyard, where Mom and Dad bought us wings and pizza.

Once we were done eating, Mom, Amanda and Milly went shopping while, Dad, Adam, Renee and I went back to Adam’s and loaded up the trailer.  It didn’t take very long.  Dad and I went home, taking Adam’s car since he’ll be taking the truck to Charlotte tomorrow, then Mom, Dad, Amanda, Milly and I went to The Fuzzy Peach, which, as you can see below, excited Milly.

Mom and Dad left from The Fuzzy Peach to go to a roller derby match.  Adam really seemed to want everyone to go, but we didn’t have anyone to watch Milly and I didn’t want to leave Amanda home all by herself.  We just ended up watching a little TV from the time we put Milly down until Mom and Dad got back.

Zach Dotsey