There were several Dotseys that left Wilmington today.  My parents left and Adam moved to Matthews after living here since college.

Amanda and I slept in a few extra minutes this morning.  My mom had to do a bit of work early this morning.  She told us last night that it would be about 6:00, but she got a call at 4.  I don’t know the details, but it went fine at first then something happened and she had to make a number of calls.  She was in the living room and we were able to hear her pretty well, so I asked if she’d mind moving into the kitchen.  That wasn’t much better, so, feeling bad doing so, I asked if she’d mind moving into the office.  I think she felt bad about waking us up too, but obviously she didn’t do it on purpose.

Anyway, moving her to the office seemed to help, but we were a bit tired getting up this morning.  Despite getting up a little later, we were ready to go to church a few minutes earlier than usual.  Mom and Dad went to go help Adam finish up.  There were a few things he couldn’t pack up yesterday since he wasn’t taking off until today, like his fish tank and bed.  When we met up with my parents at Atlanta Bread after church, we were told there were still a few things left for him to pack up, but it was just little stuff.

I talked to Adam around 5:00 or so, maybe a little earlier.  He said he’d just gotten to Charlotte (well, Matthews, actually) and Josh Sawyer, our brother-in-law, was there to help him out.

I hate that I didn’t get together with Adam as much as I should have while he was here in Wilmington.

After we ate with my parents, we drove them out to Wrightsville Beach.  We parked at Anna and Barry’s, though only Hannah was there.  It was chilly and windy and there was a small sprinkling of rain when we first got there, but it really wasn’t bad out.  We walked up and down the beach a little.  Milly had a good time.

I take back what I said about only Hannah being around.  Kirsten was still sleeping, and when we went back to the house Amanda took Milly in to wake Kirsten up.  I took my parents on the widow’s walk on top of Anna and Barry’s house and we noticed some damage to the roof.  I called Barry to let him know about it and their friend, Dave, a roofer, was out there later in the day to fix it up.

We drove my parents back to Adam’s car and held up a little bit of traffic while saying slightly hurried good-byes.  (There was no parking spot near the car.)  Milly really enjoyed spending time with them.  There were a few times when my dad tried to pass her to me or Amanda and she wouldn’t go.  Sometimes she’d even start crying if we did take her.

Back home, Milly went down for a nap and I followed shortly after.  I got up after a bit and watched The Soup with Amanda before we got Milly up and headed back to Wrightsville.  We’re trying to start a tradition of Sunday night dinner with Anna and Barry.  We hung out at their place for a little bit then walked from their house halfway up the beach to get some pizza at Vito’s.  It was a good walk there and back.  We had to wear jackets, but that didn’t seem to bother Milly, who also had a blanket.

We got back home a little after 8:00 and put Milly to bed.  She was really sweet and in a good mood.  She’s gotten to where she likes to lie across a pillow in her room before going to sleep, so I’m thinking about getting one for her to actually sleep with.

Milly’s got two stuffed toys she absolutely loves right now.  There’s Sweet Pea, a stuffed baby doll that came in a little pea pod.  Then there’s CT Bear, a small teddy bear that stayed on her changing table (CT) for a really long time.  This morning when I put her in the bedroom, she made a straight line for the built-in bookshelves and grabbed a Beanie Baby whose tag named it Curlz.  She really took to that one too, but it remains to be seen if she’ll be as into that one as she has been Sweet Pea and CT.

Zach Dotsey