Milly’s so much fun lately.  I gave her a banana to eat for breakfast while we took our weekly walk up to Lowe’s Food.  About three-quarters of the way there I saw her tiny hand stick out the side of the stroller with a banana in it.  I realized she was requesting that I peel it a bit more so she could continues eating it.

She’s also gotten to where she likes to lay down with me on the couch or on a pillow.  That’s really sweet.  And she likes, particularly during those times, to point at parts of your face and sometimes say them.  She’ll always say eye and nose (I love the way she says nose!), and sometimes she’ll lightly grasp your hair.  Lately she’s been twisting my ears and today she was trying real hard to play with our teeth.

Milly, as I think I’ve said, will try to say just about anything you ask her to.  The other day, but even more today, Amanda and I got her to say “red rum” in a creaky voice.  Well, she wasn’t actually saying that, but she would babble on in a creaky voice.  It’s pretty entertaining.

Milly’s diaper stunk today, so I was pinching my nose and saying “Shoo!” and “Pee-ew!”  Milly wasn’t quite pulling it off, but she was trying.  It was very cute.

Aside from all that, she’s just communicating with us so well, and she was just in a nice mood all day today.

As with most Mondays, there wasn’t a whole lot else going on.  Amanda got home and she took care of Milly while I finished/caught up on the day’s work.  Milly went to bed and we watched How I Met Your Mother.  Amanda went upstairs after that then went to bed.  I watched Smallville and have been watching History’s Monday night lineup since: Pawn Stars and American Pickers.  For those two I used a feature that appears to have spread to more channels, which is the start over option.  You can start a show that’s already on over at the beginning.  That’s a really nice feature, but they don’t let you fast forward the commercials when you do that.

Zach Dotsey