I continue to marvel at how much Milly is communicating lately.  She’s been doing it for a bit, but today she really seemed to step up her usage of yes, which is usually nodding her head with an occasional “yeah” thrown in.  “No” will probably get old soon, as she says it when we put socks on her or tell her it’s time to change her diaper, but it’s still really cute and a little funny.  She just says it so sweetly.

Amanda and I just spent some time watching the No video again.  We both agree that our favorite time Milly says “no” is after I ask her if she wants applesauce.  I think it’s the way she raises her eyebrows.

Work went fine today.  I started out the day testing some new features Scott added to our ticketing system.  I think we’ve got a few things lining up right now, so hopefully we’ll continue to be busy for a bit.

Small group got started a little late tonight due to a video being shot there, then we had a lot to discuss during prayer requests.  Our main discussion went well and pretty fast, so we didn’t get out much later than usual.

Kirsten said she and Milly spent pretty much the whole time outside this evening.  Milly even ate some yogurt out there.  Kirsten said Milly stuck her hand in the yogurt and fed herself that way.  She was a mess and got yogurt in Kirsten’s hair, but nobody seemed to mind.

Zach Dotsey