I’ve had some pretty negative dreams lately.

On Wednesday night, I dreamed that there was a game show for couples (or maybe it was a spin-off of a game show put together for some local event), and Amanda and I were one couple and Anna and Barry Frazelle were another.  There were a whole bunch of couples and we all competed in a a bunch of different contest.  It came down to the last contest and Amanda and I had a chance to win if we won the last content, but Anna and Barry were ranked seventh or so and had no shot at actually winning.  Prizes were to be given out to the first, second and third place couples.

Well, Amanda and I ended up winning the final content (sack race, three-legged race, something like one of those?) and came in first place.  Anna and Barry were actually mad at us, saying we shouldn’t have won the whole thing.  They knew they weren’t going to win anything one way or another, but for some reason it just really pissed them off.  We were talking to them as they were sitting in their car and Barry told us right before they drove off that it might be best if we didn’t come over to their place for a while.

I woke up at 5:00 AM after that one and was just really perplexed by it.  That was so out of character for either one of them.  I know they’d be happy for us if we won some sort of content.  It just… made no sense!

Last night I had two different dreams.  The first one was very disjointed, but it had something to do with people making decisions between killing themselves and facing some sort of terrible danger, like a disease or something.  It took place at the first house I lived in in Durham, over on Newquay Street, but I was grown up.

I can’t remember many specifics, but I remember my dad giving me a gun to protect myself out in the world because I was choosing not to kill myself.  It seems that there were raiders of some kind coming too.  Maybe they were the danger, but I think they were more or less a roving band of survivors.  Anyway, I had to try to get out of there (no idea where I was going) before they and/or some other great danger came.

I can’t remember who all was dead or alive in it.  Obviously my dad was around.  I don’t know that any other actual (real life) family members were there, though I have a vague sense of getting ready to head out the door carrying Milly.

In my second dream last night, I was looking out the kitchen window of this house into my backyard.  Our privacy fence wasn’t there, and in its place was a chain link fence with the back corner damaged a bit.  I could see into the backyard of the house behind and to the left of my view, and a great big giant dog-like animal came bounding into the yard.  It had the long, pointed snout of a coyote, but it had huge, overly-furred wolf shoulders with a body that tapered off to a narrow hindquarters.  Its face was reddish, but the rest of the coat was mostly gray, with black tips at the shoulders.  The thing was fearsome.

Anyway, I was pretty scared to have that thing in my yard, and it seems that I was making sure I hadn’t let any of our dogs out.  I then remembered that I had let a papillon out.  It seems in my dream it was large with black marking like Dobja, but its name was Link (which, given what happened to Link, makes it kind of a sick dream).  Anyway, the big dog-thing bounded over to “Link” and ended up rolling on the ground next to him and nuzzling him a little.  It was still a terrifying creature though.  I wanted to get “Link” back in the house, but I didn’t want to disturb or upset the other animal.