Milly let us sleep until about 9:45 this morning, which was awful nice of her.  I got her up and took her straight to our bed, so we had a little family time just hanging out on the bed.  Everyone was there: Milly, Amanda, me, Bruce, Harvey and Cobb.  Milly really enjoyed it.

Milly at the Pumpkin Patch
Milly at the Pumpkin Patch

A little later we walked up to the gas station near here, where someone had set up to sell pumpkins.  We got a regular sized one for carving and a tiny one for Milly.  She had some fun walking around with the pumpkins and mums and other stuff they were selling, but she ended up starting to get fussy and wanted me to hold her or to be put back in the stroller.

She was actually pretty fussy for a lot of the day.  Amanda said Milly was eating almost constantly, so maybe she’s hitting another growth spurt.

Because she was fussy, Milly did go outside a lot, which usually made her happy for a while anyway.  This evening she, Amanda and I went out and walked down the first street next to our house.  We stopped off to see Bonnie and talk to her for a bit.  On the way back I talked to Charles.  His girls, Kenzie and Kimber, didn’t see that Milly was out or they’d have come on out, too.  They missed her by a few minutes, and by then she was taking a bath.

Milly’s doing more animal sounds some now.  She imitated a bark and a moo.  She kind of did a monkey too.  She’s done a cat’s meow before, but I couldn’t get her to do that today.

After Milly had her bath and was put to bed, Amanda and I watched our Thursday TV from the DVR.  Apparently we haven’t set Outsourced to record yet though, so we missed that.  I’ll just watch it on Hulu I guess.

I talked to Elliot Clark tonight, and he’s going to be going to me to the Countdown to Craziness next week.  I’m really excited to watch Duke kick off their season and raise that fourth NCAA championship banner!

On a total side note, I thought we had more candles around this house.

Zach Dotsey