I took Milly outside this evening and she invented a new game for herself.  We have a very small slope between the edge of our yard and the road, and Milly would “run” down the slope, walk back up, then “run” back down.  She did this over and over, as you can see above.  I thought it was ridiculously cute.

Amanda didn’t sleep well last night, and she’s definitely getting sick, or she already is.  To make things even more fun for her, she worked a full day today to help make up for taking Monday off.

Milly was mostly good today, but she got a bit needy a few times.  I guess more accurately, she got wanty, as in she wanted to play with the laptop and nothing else would make her happy.  That’s when she’d go down for a nap.

She got fussy and started wiping her eyes earlier than usual tonight, so Amanda and I asked if she wanted a bath.  She was very excited about that and kept signing it.  I gave her a good long bath, which kept her happy for a while.

After Milly gets out of the tub we (or I, anyway) let Milly run around the nursery naked for a bit to help dry off.  This evening she went over to her swing and dropped a bunch of pee on the floor.  A little got on the swing cover, but the vast majority was on the floor.  I think I can count the number of times Milly has peed without a diaper on one hand.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Law & Order: SVU and House from last week.  I was surprised she made it until close to 10:00.

Zach Dotsey