The Grand Theatre Volume 1 by The Old 97's
The Grand Theatre Volume 1 by The Old 97's

Milly and I went to Best Buy after work today because I had to pick up the new Old 97’s CD, The Grand Theatre Volume One.  (I didn’t have to, of course, but I had to.)  As we were walking into the store I pointed at the sign and said, “Best Buy.”  Milly started waving and said “Bye bye.”  She also kept pointing for me to put her down while we were in the store, but I wasn’t dumb enough to do that.

Amanda thinks she might be getting sick.  That’s always fun.

It was back to work today.  I normally don’t take Columbus Day off, but my sister, Andra, works at a bank and was off yesterday, so it was a good time for her and her family to have visited.  I did end up taking care of a couple small things yesterday, but fortunately there wasn’t really a whole lot going on.

Milly was eating constantly today and was a little moody.  I don’t know if she’s teething some more or if she’s hitting a growth spurt.  She was fussy enough that Amanda put her to bed about 20 minutes early.  She went down easily though.  I kind of hated that I didn’t put her to bed myself.  I always tell her, “I love you, Meliamae.  Good night, little girl.”  Amanda had her though, so I just let her put her to bed.

We had small group at our house tonight.  We were down two couples plus I was able to hook the laptop up to the TV to make it easy for everyone to read the discussion questions, so it went pretty fast.  We ended up watching a certain famous YouTube video.  Joel hadn’t seen the original story that the Bed Intruder song was based on, but he realized after we watched the song that he’d seen it before.

The original:

The song:

Yeah, I know it’s old already, but it’s still fun to watch again now and then.  I don’t remember exactly how we got onto the subject at the end of small group.

Zach Dotsey