Amanda and I met with Udy Wood of the people care team at Port City Community Church today.  We’ve decided to become advocates, which are sort of like leaders for small group leaders.

While we were waiting for Udy I followed Milly as she wandered around the church a bit.  She had Sweet Pea with her and kept handing the doll off to people she saw.  She kept giving that, along with Amanda’s keys and cell phone, to Udy while we were talking with him.  You could tell he was used to little kids though, because he would take the stuff she gave him but keep right on talking.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but for a while now, we’ve been knocking on Milly’s door when we go to get her up from a nap.  She always answers, “Yeah?”  It’s pretty funny.  Amanda says she picked it up from me, because when she knocks on my office door, that’s how I answer.  I don’t think I even realized that until Amanda mentioned it.

Milly also burps.  Sometimes I’ll burp for her after eating because she thinks it’s funny.  She’ll go so far as to make the motion of swallowing air like I do then she’ll make a noise.  Of course, she’s just “saying” a burp, not truly burping.

Work was a bit busier today than it has been lately.  It wasn’t horrifically busy, just busier.

Nick and Eli Warkentien came by for dinner tonight, which was salad and spaghetti with meatballs.  Amy was practicing for a thing at the church and came by around 8:00.  After the kids were put to bed we watched NBC’s Thursday night lineup.  We were going to watch Fringe too, but we forgot that it’s off for a bit because Fox is showing baseball.  While we were all lazily sitting around though, we ended up watching a show about the story behind The Exorcist.

I noticed that Eli is appreciably taller than Milly now.  He doesn’t tower over her or anything, but it’s enough that you know he is the taller of the two.  They’ve been pretty close in height for most of their lives thus far.  Given the height of both of Eli’s parents and the height of both of Milly’s parents, I wasn’t expecting that to last all that long.

Zach Dotsey