I put Milly’s sign language video on this morning for her.  She seemed to have been getting bored with it for a while, so I gave her a hiatus, which seems to have done the trick.  Today she started doing two more signs: sleep and blanket.  I think she has sort of done sleep before, and just yesterday or the day before I was going over blanket with her, but today she did both on her own very well.

Blanket was actually a kind of funny one.  To sign it, you act like you’re pulling a blanket up over your chest with both hands.  Milly was playing with a blanket tonight and started looking like she was doing the chicken dance.  She got it down shortly after I started showing her how to do it right.

Milly’s also been signing help lately too, but it looks really similar to how she signs cracker.  She points to her palm and twists, but she’s supposed to stick her thumb up and put that hand in the palm of her other hand.  She can almost clearly say “help” though, so that might be moot.  Of course, she can say a lot of words that she can sign, but she still does it anyway.

Given the events of last night, I decided to sit at our patio table this morning when I let Harvey out.  Milly walked around the yard a bit and I mostly talked to Scott, my boss, during our time out there.

Scott and I talked a bit of business strategy, which had me thinking about about a number of things, such as branding, focus and the personality of a website.  I emailed him all my thoughts later this afternoon.

Amanda and Milly are both still a little sick.  Milly doesn’t seem to feel too bad and she’s sleeping better, but she does get some nice thick snot streaming out of her nose now and then.  As for Amanda, she want to bed at about 9:00 tonight.  I can still hear her cough and sniffle now and then though, so I don’t know how well she’s actually sleeping.

Zach Dotsey