On the way to small group tonight Amanda and I got a call from Kirsten that made us turn around and go home.  We were told that Harvey had jumped over the fence into our neighbors’ yard, attacked their dog and then bit the neighbor.

We got home and went right over to Jeremy and Heather’s to talk to them about it.  They seemed pretty cool about it and apologized for ruining our night, but I told them they owed no apology at all.  What actually happened, as we pieced together, was this.

Harvey climbed over the fence (instead of jumping) and then he and their dog started fighting.  Knowing Harvey, my guess is that he was like, “Hey, instead of running back and forth along the fence and barking at each other, we can actually play now!”  Their dog, who is a little older, was surprised to have another dog in his yard, especially one as hyper and excited as Harvey gets.  Either way, they were apparently fighting, which is when Heather screamed for Jeremy.

Jeremy said that by the time he got there they were just sniffing each other.  I think what he said was that Harvey went towards him (as Harvey always likes to greet people), but his dog didn’t like that.  He was working on separating them, picking his hundred pound dog up to carry him away Harvey nipped at him.  He was wearing jeans and they said there was a little bit of a tooth indentation, but that was it.  They put him in a shed then left Harvey in the yard.

Amanda called Bonnie while we were in the car and asked if she’d mind collecting Harvey, since Harvey knows her well and Kirsten, the poor thing, was watching Milly while all this was going on.  Bonnie later told me that she didn’t have a leash and Harvey didn’t have his collar on at the time, so she used her belt, though he happily went with her.

Amanda and I felt sick to our stomachs as we turned in to the neighborhood.  Like I said though, Jeremy and Heather were totally cool about it all.  I guess we’re going to have to build a privacy fence on that side (the only side that doesn’t have one) or rig something up so that Harvey won’t be able to climb that fence.

Milly was upset to see Kirsten leave early.  She didn’t want to come to me or Amanda; she wanted to stay with Kirsten.  Amanda and I felt exhausted after the whole thing and just watched a little TV after we put Milly down.  (Surprise surprise, right?)

Earlier today Amanda took the Jetta to get inspected.  Amy Warkentien dropped Eli off here (it was nap time and he napped the whole time) and she and Amanda hung out for a bit.

Milly said “cracker” pretty clearly today.  She also gave Eli a kiss on the cheek, but she’d only blow kisses to anyone else at the time.

My girls are still a bit stuffy.  I’m ready for that to all be done with.

Zach Dotsey