Milly wanted to go outside today, so I took her out back.  Since she just wanted to wander around a bit, I thought I’d clean up a few things in the yard.  I ended up trimming the rose bush, the four o’clocks and a number of trees and other bushes.  Then I raked a bit.  I didn’t do anything too extensive, but the yard does look much nicer now.

While I did that and Milly split time between walking around, playing with some beach toys and playing in her sandbox, Amanda did some scrapbooking.  She does a really good job with it.  She hasn’t worked on it in a while, but she was up to Milly’s birth.  Today she got picture of Milly with different family members for the first time, Milly coming home, my first Father’s Day and a few other things around then.  It may not sound like much, but she puts a lot into each page.

While Milly was napping and Amanda was still working on I played a little Resistance 2.  I played pretty much up until dinner, which was some (turkey) Hamburger Helper and green beans.  Milly wouldn’t eat the green beans, no matter how hard we tried to hide them in the rest of the food.

After Milly went to bed, Amanda and I watched Frozen, a movie Michael gave us to watch a couple weeks ago.  There were a couple parts that were a bit hard to watch, but I think Amanda and I both thought it was a good movie.  It’s a survival story/thriller about people who get stuck on a ski lift while the resort is going to be shut down for a week.  I now know what I would do if in that situation, though it was not what anybody in the movie did.

Zach Dotsey