Milly Dotsey in plaid, black and denimWe went to church as per usual today.  Milly was dressed in a plaid red dress, black tight and shoes and a jean jacket.  Absolutely adorable.  After church we went to Atlanta Bread, which has become one of our Sunday traditions, and after we ate we walked around Mayfaire a bit.

Milly was extremely sociable.  When we first got to Atlanta Bread she walked up to a table of three women behind the table we sat at and shared her blue bear (which we’ve decided to name after one of Duke’s recently graduated senior basketball players, but we haven’t settled on which one yet).  As we were walking out of the place after eating Milly walked up to an older lady and held her finger and chatted with her.  I think it made the lady’s day; she and her husband seemed really pleased.

As we made our way over to Barnes & Noble a car stopped to let us cross the street.  In an effort to not keep them waiting I picked Milly up and carried her across, but Amanda told me the ladies in the car were motioning for me to put her down because they wanted to watch her walk.  Funny enough, we ran into them again walking in to Barnes & Noble, and they were in their car again when we were leaving.

In Barnes & Noble we took Milly to the kids’ section, where she played with a train set, talked to a couple moms and kissed just about every stuffed animal she could find.  (Germs briefly passed my mind.)  At one point she picked up three of the same bunny rabbit and walked around with them until she saw some books she wanted to check out.

Speaking of books, Milly signed and said book as we were walking up to Barnes & Noble.  Amanda and I couldn’t tell if she saw some books through the window or she just remembers now that there are book in that store.  She really likes books, but she hardly lets us read them to her.  She likes to turn the pages and “read” them to us.

We got home and put Milly down for a nap.  Amanda and I watched The Soup and I sort of watched Saturday Night Live, but I was dozing off a little and went back to the guest room to nap a little myself after it.  Harvey was back there so I just laid down next to him.  A minute later her got up and stepped over me, and when he did so he put his paw down right between my legs.  He didn’t crush anything, but he grazed it, which made my eyes pop open really wide.  It was a really close call.

There were a couple other Sunday traditions in that last paragraph.  Harvey almost crushing my junk isn’t one, but watching The Soup and taking a nap, those are.

A little later we all went over to the Frazelles’ for another thing we’re trying to turn into a Sunday tradition: walking to Vito’s for some pizza on Sunday evenings.  We hung out around the house for a little bit first.  Milly played with Hannah and her friends and Kirsten, whom Milly called “Kurgie,” played outside with Milly a good bit before Anna, Barry, Amanda, Milly and I took our walk.  Kirsten joined us after we got to Vito’s.

We always have such a great time with Anna and Barry.  We talk about all kinds of things and have some good laughs with them.

On the way home we stopped off at The Oceanic to go out on the pier and look at the moon.  It was huge and lit up a good bit of the ocean.

There was a Gap casting call that ended tonight.  I tried to submit a picture of Milly, but I guess a lot of other people were too and the website wouldn’t load.  I was planning on going to bed a little early tonight, but I stayed up futilely trying to load a picture.

Zach Dotsey