Small Group Baby Shower Photo by Mike Nowak
Small Group Baby Shower Photo by Mike Nowak

Amanda made her first ever cheese ball for Hudson Cain’s baby shower today, and it was quite good.  We went over to Joel and Mia’s for small group/the baby shower.  It was mostly a lot of hanging out and talking to people and catching up with some people I haven’t seen in a long time.  The people who came tonight were the current small group and the people from the Cains’ old small group.

Kirsten, as per usual, watched Milly tonight.  She commented on all the new words Milly was saying and asked us what a sign was, showing us something like almost looked like the chicken dance, which is how Milly signs blanket.  Amanda asked Kirsten if we needed to let her borrow Milly’s Baby Einstein sign language video so she could study up on it.  She didn’t take that video, but she did take the first season of Arrested Development, which we think the Frazelles will enjoy.

Milly’s gotten to where she sometimes calls me Mommy and Amanda Daddy, which is weird since she’s gotten it right ever since she could say either one.

Milly was pretty good today.  She was playing with hats this morning, and when I looked over at her she had one of my Duke hats on Harvey’s head.  The weird thing is that he didn’t seem to mind.  She then tried to put another one on Bruce and chased him all over the kitchen and living room to no avail.

She also stayed up until about 10:30 this morning, where she’s usually down for a nap between 9:30 and 10:00.  She wasn’t too needy in that time, so it didn’t much get in the way of me working except for when she wanted to sit in her stroller.  She pulled it out to the living room and had me put her in it, which was fine, but she kept standing up or turning around in it, which made me nervous.  She did manage to get out of it and back in by herself, which surprised me.

Zach Dotsey