Milly stayed up until 11:00 this morning before going down for her morning nap.  It’s getting later and later, which isn’t the best thing for me, work-wise.  Then again, she does a pretty good job of entertaining herself.  This morning she wanted to go out in the backyard, so I let her.

I took the laptop out and sat the the patio table, which was fine until I realized that at some point I’d stepped in dog poo.  I wiped it off my Rainbows, but the smell was still there because I’d tracked it in front of where I was sitting.  I eventually moved to the nearby picnic table, which was dog poo odor-free.

Milly, in the meantime, walked around the yard, sat with Harvey some, played in (and, I noticed after the fact, ate) some dirt.  She did that game she likes where she goes up a slight incline then walks fast back down it a few times.  It was hardly an incline though and I probably wouldn’t have realized what she was doing if not for the fact that she was walking back and forth in the same spot for a bit.

She was good out there, but I finally took her in when she almost touched some of the dog poo I’d tracked onto the patio.

Milly seemed particularly interested in her Baby Einstein sign language video today.  She tried doing the sign for kiss, which I only know because she came over to me and did the second part of it (which is similar to the sign for more) while it was on that part of the video.

Milly’s so much fun.  At one point while I was working she came over and wanted to sit in her booster seat, but she wanted to turn it around so she could watch Dinosaur Train while she sat in it.  She then signed for blanket, so I wrapped her up in her seat while she learned about dinosaurs.

This evening after dinner she was being a bit fussy while I was trying to finish up some work.  She wanted to sit in her booster seat again to watch The Simpsons (a Halloween episode, which Milly was actually laughing at) and Wheel of Fortune, but she kept fussing about wanting things too, so I finally went back to the guest room so I could concentrate.  After I did that she kept yelling, “Daddy!” and I’d yell “Milly!” back at her.

From the last couple paragraphs you’d think we do nothing but sit Milly in front of the TV, but we don’t.

She also said “Harvey” pretty clearly today.  I got excited when she said, “Haw-bee,” because that’s how I predicted she’d say it.

Amanda took Milly to Costco to get some needed supplies.  Later on, in the tub, they came up with a new game where Amanda would fill a rubber ducky up with water and squirt it at Milly’s belly, then Milly would laugh.

That was pretty much it.  She went down peaceably after her bath and Amanda and I watched an episode of either I Shouldn’t Be Alive or I Survived.  It was whichever one only tells one story at a time.  Anyway, it doesn’t much matter because the family had been on one of the other survival shows before and I already knew the story.  I think this one was a better reenactment though.

Zach Dotsey