Milly was a bit fussy today.  She wasn’t too bad this morning, though I did put her down at 10:00, which, from a work perspective, was nicer than 11:00.  She’d gotten to the point where she wanted nothing but to be held, which is sweet and all, but it makes it really hard to get anything done.

Angus Trott, a guy Amanda went to school with who works for Pestco and is also a Duke fan (three good reasons to specifically request him) came and sprayed the house.  I was out running some errands when he got here, but Milly was all about him.  She usually doesn’t take too long to warm up to people, but she was following him around and giving him books and all kinds of stuff.

I had a steady bit of work.  It wasn’t up to crazy levels, but it was more like the way it usually is.  We did start a big marketing idea that Scott and I recently discussed and put into action.  We’ve rebranded our emails, sent out notices for a new social networking service, changed the homepage for one of our sites and added a page to the other.  There’s a lot going on that we’re hoping will pay off at least a little.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched some Thursday night TV.  I thought Community, an episode spoofing zombie movies, was especially good tonight.  So was Big Bang Theory.  I don’t know what it was, but I had a lot of good laughs from tonight’s episode, where you find out that Leonard has been having a secret fling with Raj’s sister.

Elliot and Melissa are coming over for dinner tomorrow night with little Ella Jane.  Michael and Jenn are coming over for lunch on Saturday.  In a few week we’re going to go visit the Lambeths.  It seems like we don’t really do much, but then sometimes it feels like we’re always doing something.

I’m kind of tired.  I was thinking about playing some Resistance 2, but I might just go to bed early.

Zach Dotsey