Milly Dotsey at PC3's Trunk and TiltTonight wasn’t Milly’s first Halloween, as she was about four months old for that, but it was the first time she went trick or treating, and we had such a blast with her.

The day started out like most recent Sundays: church at Port City Community Church followed by a small breakfast at Atlanta Bread and a walk around Mayfaire with a stop at Barnes & Noble.  This time out, we picked up a book, Guess How Much I Love You, with money Amanda’s grandparents sent Milly for Halloween.

Back home, Milly took a nap, Amanda and I watched The Soup then I took a little nap myself.  I woke up when I heard Amanda and her mom talking.

We went back to PC3 a little before 4:00 for Truck or Tilt, which is where people decorate their cars in the parking lot and hand out candy.  There’s also a TILT, Treasure Island Live Theater, a play for the elementary school kids.  Amy was in it and we saw her there, though Nick and Eli were coming later.  We also talked to Millie Holloman, who took a few snaps of Milly Dotsey, and the Clark crew.

Milly wasn’t sure what to do at first.  We had her dressed as a Who (sort of) and used a small Christmas box, in keeping with the Grinch theme, for her candy bag.  She also had a stuffed Max the Dog, but Amanda ended up carrying him around more than anything.  Anyway, people would give Milly candy, then she’d reach into her box and hand it back.  Once she got the idea that the candy was for her, she’d reach in and try to take handfuls of it, or she’d pick out the ones with the shiniest, prettiest wrappers.

Milly Dotsey eating outside Vito's on Wrightsville BeachOnce we made the rounds there we headed over to Wrightsville Beach to hang out with the Frazelles.  The whole family plus Christian walked over to Vito’s for our Sunday night dinner, and after that we walked across the bridge to Harbor Island where Milly got to continue her trick or treating.

By this time she’d pretty much gotten the hang of it.  We’d carry her from one house to another then drop her off and let her walk up to get the candy.  Now and then she’d hand some to the person giving it out, but mostly she’d wait for them to give her some then dig in with a few handfuls.  Nobody seemed to mind that though, because she was freaking adorable.

Milly's first time trick or treatingAll the Frazelles but Hannah were with us for the trick or treating.  Kirsten even ran into some friends who invited her to tag along, but she said she wanted to hang out with Milly.  As we were all walking back Barry and Anna thanked us (needlessly, of course) for letting them come along, talking about how much fun they’d had.  It really was so much fun, watching Milly interact with people and seeing all the attention she got everywhere she went.

Milly was zonked when we pulled up into the driveway.  It was close to 9:00, well after her bedtime.  She didn’t wake up until I was pulling her out of her car seat, which is something because she’s generally a very light sleeper.  It was really sweet though, because I hardly ever get to see her sleeping.

Amanda went to bed a little bit later and I watched the premiere of the series The Walking Dead on AMC.  It’s based on a comic I never read but has always had rave reviews, and I really dug the show.

Zach Dotsey