I did finish Resistance 2 last night.  One thing I really liked about that game is the epic boss battles.  A lot of the bosses in Resistance 2 are just massive.  I think my favorite one was this thing that was the size of a sky scraper.  You end up killing it by blowing up an explosive-rigged sky bridge as it’s walking under it.  Another one I liked was this dinosaur-looking thing that stalked you while you ran around inside an mansion in the bayou.

I would have P90X’ed this morning, but Amanda had recently gotten out of the shower and said we’d do it during Milly’s afternoon nap.  I said, “We’ll see,” and we promptly forgot about it then.

Michael and Jenn came over for a lunch of sandwiches.  Milly took Michael’s hand and lead him around and babbled at him a good deal, but I don’t know that he noticed it that much.  After eating we went outside to carve a pumpkin.  Milly was somewhat interested in removing the top and putting it back on a few times, but that was about it.  Amanda did the bulk of the scooping while I did the carving.  Milly just played around in the yard.

We left around 3:00 for Henry Nowak’s fourth birthday party.  We were a bit late, but there were a lot of kids there and I don’t think it mattered too much to Henry.  Several of the kids were really sweet to Milly.

As his birthday is so close to Halloween, Henry’s birthday party was Halloween-themed, so we got a chance to try out Milly’s costume.  You know how sometimes parents think that if they rig up some sort of homemade thing it’ll come off really cool, but it pretty much fails?  Well, I’ll say that you wouldn’t have any idea that Milly is supposed to be a Who (as in Dr. Seuss).  She has a polka doted red dress with her hair in pigtails and sparkly pipe cleaners for antennae.  She still looked super cute though, as we were told that by several people there.

Back home around 5:00, a tired Milly went down for a nap while Amanda and I watched an episode of Supernatural, which I followed up with a short nap with Bruce on the love seat.  When Amanda got Milly up, she sat her on the couch with me, where she sat against me under a blanket and ate a banana.

Since she had crud and makeup all over her face, we figured tonight was a good night for Milly to have a bath, which she always enjoys.  While she was in there, I filled a large bucket (that we keep her bath toys in, which she also likes to put over her head) completely up with water.  Milly learned and was entertained by Archimedes’ Principle when she stepped into it and squeezed as much of herself as she could into it.

Amanda and I watched Scared Shrekless, which we’d seen a little of Thursday night (I saw more of it than she did).  We watched it because it was on and it was entertaining.  Not much else going on on a Saturday night when you’ve got a baby sleeping upstairs.

Amanda did give me a back rub before she went to sleep, which was nice of her.  She’d been thumping my nose and shoulder, and I insisted that she do something nice and sweet.

Zach Dotsey