Hannah came by to watch Milly while Amanda and I went to vote today.  We thought it would maybe take a while, because when we went to vote in the last (presidential) election we waited in line for something like three hours.  This time we didn’t wait at all.  We were still working out who all we were going to vote for when we left the house and figured we’d have some time in line to look at my iPhone to finish studying.  Instead we ended up sitting on a bench outside the voting room, and once we went in we were out within a couple of minutes.

I’m half-watching political results right now.  It looks like Republicans are sweeping things up right now, a big backlash against the direction the country has gone in.  My issue with this is that I don’t want an overwhelming majority of one party or the other.  I think the Republicans will take it as a mandate from the masses that everything the Democrats have been doing is wrong and will use it as their impetus to shoot down anything and everything they can.  I don’t think this is constructive.  I think it will further divide the country.

Maybe I’m wrong about all of that.  I’m no political guru or anything like that.  I’m just really sick of how divided this country is.  It’s like Duke and Carolina fans; if one says something the other has to disagree as much as they can.  I really think the parties should be done away with.  I think America would make a lot more progress that way.

It should be interesting to read what political analysts have to say about all this.  Anyway.

Milly got a shot, a flu booster I think.  Amanda’s grandparents stopped by a few minutes before the girls got back home and left when we left to go vote.  Earl went upstairs to look at our wall (which I still need to finish).  He talked to me about the cat they got a couple months ago and seemed really happy about it.

The social networking campaign we’re running at work seems to be doing well.  I spent a good bit of time starting to get some clients set up on it today.  I looked back at our guinea pig client’s results, and the visitors on their site have increased nearly 50% since we started the service.  That’s pretty stinking impressive.

Amanda and I got to the Johnsons’ for small group a little early.  I played with Jacob some after he warmed up to me.  He laughed a lot and has added crawling and pulling himself up on things to his repertoire since last we saw him.

Reece made some awesome cookie-topped brownies.

Kim Ayers joined us for small group tonight.  Paul was working on a renovation at the house, but I think it’ll be good to have them back.  Paul and Kim were in our first (lasting) small group a few years ago.

We finished up the God’s series from church.  The series actually finished last week, but we had the Cains’ baby shower.  Next week we’re starting a study on prayer.

I remarked to Amanda today how much Milly’s thinned out, particularly her face.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s still got cheeks and baby fat, but she’s lengthening out for sure and turning into a little girl.  She’s getting more and more conversational in her speech, too, even if a good bit of it is babbling.

Poor Milly didn’t get to sleep as much as she wanted today.  I woke her up a little early from her first nap so she could start getting ready to head out to get her shot.  Then she got her shot, and later this afternoon she was woken up at 6:00 to eat, but she didn’t seem quite ready to get up yet.  I’m guessing all of that is why she was a little fussy when she left for small group.  She also woke up crying around 10:30, but she went back down just fine after I held her, rocked her and rubbed her back while she draped herself over my shoulder.

Zach Dotsey