MGMT at PECPA in Raleigh
MGMT at PECPA in Raleigh

At around 5:20, Lars came by the house.  Milly was a bit shy around him for a while, but after we all went outside she was more open around him.  I guess our 6’7″ friend doesn’t look quite as large outside.

Barry, Hannah and Christian pulled up around 6:00.  I grabbed some cookies Amanda had lovingly baked for us all and hopped in the car for the trip to Raleigh to see MGMT.  When we pulled up to the parking lot, the guy taking the money got a phone call.  As he was taking the money, he answered it and said, “Courtney!  I’m busy!”  You had to be there, but the way he said it was funny.  It was one of those things that we would say again now and then.

The show was at the PECPA, the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.  It was a nice venue, very classy looking.  It was more of a theater or auditorium, looking more like a theater or a place you’d go see an orchestra.  I know that’s nothing new, but I’ve never seen a concert at a place like that.  Anyway, the sound was good and the crowd was really into it.  We had a good time at the show.

On the way back we stopped by a BoJangle’s, got gas and asked riddles of each other.  That was Christian’s idea and took up a good bit of time for the trip home.

Amanda told me that Milly had been good for her.  I was afraid she wouldn’t be, because sometimes she doesn’t like when I leave.  But they’d had a good time.  Amanda said Milly sat with her on the couch for a while, and it’s always sweet when she’s still enough to stay in your lap for a while.

Before I left, Milly had some Desitin.  She’d managed to get the cap off of a tube of it and had it all over her hands and mouth, having obviously eaten some.  I looked up some stuff online about it while Amanda called Poison Control, and both said she’d be fine, at worst having some runny poo.

Amanda let Milly have some cookie too.  Hard to imagine, I know, but she really liked it.  Amanda asked Milly to share some with me, and the first time she did give me a piece of cookie.  Later on though I asked if she’d share some and she kept shaking her head and saying no, no matter how much I said and signed please.  It’s funny to think that one day we’ll actually be able to reason with her.

Zach Dotsey