Duke had an exhibition game with the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos tonight.  Just as the Blue Devils were the NCAA Division I champs last season and are the favorites to repeat this season, the Broncos won Division II last season and are favored to repeat, so as far as exhibition games go, it was a pretty interesting and challenging choice.

Duke won 81-60, which on the surface looks a little closer than one would like to see.  From what I’ve read though, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith deferred a lot to get other guys experience.  It was 39-33 at the half, but Kyle and Nolan were allowed to play more to start the second half and they started blowing the Broncos out then.  I think the difference got up to around 40 until Coach K put in a very young team to finish the game.  There was also very little offensive flow, as a lot of different lineups were experimented with.

The Blue Devils also got a commitment from Quinn Cook, one of the top point guards of the current high school senior class.

Amanda and I were planning on taking Milly to the Cape Fear Fair tonight along with the Warkentiens, but it was rainy all day and the fair was canceled.

I had something of a busy day, not being able to stay off the phone later in the afternoon, it seemed.  Work is going pretty well though.  Travis is chugging along and it looks like we’re about to expand into Myrtle Beach, having been offered the chance to purchase a web design website that ranks high in Myrtle Beach Google searches.

Milly spent some time this evening in Harvey’s crate.  She just felt like hanging out in there and wouldn’t come out, which was fine except that we were trying to feed Harvey and he’s ridiculously well conditioned to eat there.

Milly’s saying a lot of things now: Harvey, Bruce, paci, yay, amen (which sounds like Amy).  For a little while now she’s started saying, “Aww,” when she does the sign for please, which Amanda and I figure she does because she’s just gotten so used to people saying that when she makes that sign.

Zach Dotsey