Tonight marks the official start of play for the 2010-2011 college basketball season.  Navy is playing at Texas, and I’m only watching it right now because Greg Paulus, a former Duke player, is their new assistant coach at Navy.  It’s really cool to see him on the bench.  His team kept it close in the first half, but unfortunately it’s really getting away from the Midshipmen now.

I just got back from putting air in the tires.  Amanda had asked if I’d do it when she first got home, but I didn’t do it because she wouldn’t give in to my more than fair demands.  She asked me again as she was going to bed and I grudgingly complied.

Milly’s sleep was a little odd today.  I thought, given yesterday’s daylight savings time, that she’d be up early, but she didn’t get up this morning until I went in her room near 8:30.  Then she stayed up until about 10:30 or so and I got her up at almost 2:00 this afternoon.  She was up when I went in her room then, but I hadn’t heard her making any noise.  She went back down at 4:00 and Amanda got her up a little after 6:00, though she said Milly wasn’t up yet when she went in for her.

Milly was very good today, and very cute.  I can’t remember what all she said and did though.  She was just very sweet with her dolls and very playful.  There was one point when she laughed so I laughed at her, which made her laugh even more.  Then she ran away from me and I chased her into the living room and scooped her up to kiss her and tickle her.  It was just fun.

Zach Dotsey