It started last night around 1:30.  Milly was crying in her crib, so I went to go check on her.  I don’t know why, but I didn’t even turn the light on when I went into the nursery.  Maybe I thought it would keep her calmer, which it did seem to do.  She was standing up against the railing so I went over and hugged her and she held onto me for a while.  After a little bit of that I asked her if she wanted to lay down, which she did.  I covered her back up and turned the heartbeat bear on, gave her a paci (she’s been saying paci lately, by the way, though it comes out papi) and left.

All was well for about half an hour, at which point Amanda and I decided to head on downstairs.

This morning Milly’s face was all wet when I got her up, and it wasn’t tears.  As best I could tell, it was a mixture of snot and drool.  As the day wore on it became apparent that she’s most likely teething again.  In addition to having an almost constant damp area on her shirt directly below her neck, she needed her nose wiped pretty regularly and she was  not in the best of moods.

Oh, Milly had some stretches of sweetness, but she didn’t nap well and she was fussy a lot.  She was actually beyond fussy sometimes and threw a few fits or would cry instead of trying to communicate with me (which she generally does pretty well).

This was all exacerbated by the fact that Amanda, who knew she was going to have to work a little later today, ended up having to work even later than she expected to.  That situation was mitigated at least a little by having a few visitors come by.  Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, was in town for a dental visit and stopped by (bringing some Subway lunch) for a little while.  Later on, her grandparents, who were also in town, came by.  They were able to stick around until Amanda got home, though I was ready to put her back down for a nap around the time Amanda called to say she was on her way home.

Small group was pretty good tonight.  We started a study on prayer and had some good discussions, but it took us a bit longer than expected so we’re going to pick the chapter back up next week.

Amanda took some time trying to set up people to come help take care of the dogs for a trip we’ll be taking to Winston-Salem.  Realizing that we can’t get any one person to house sit or to take both of our boys for a few days, she’s asking people to come separately at different times, so that should hopefully work out well.

I was just watching ESPNU All Access Training Day, which focused on Duke.  A lot of it was a recap of the other All Accesses that have been on, but I noticed one part that I hadn’t seen before, where the guys were talking about Casey Peters, who started out as a team manager and earned himself a role on the team.  Someone, I think Nolan Smith, said something about how Casey Peters showed that if you work hard you can do anything.  That got me to thinking about things I want to accomplish and what holds me back.

Zach Dotsey