Happy birthday, Earl Lemons!

Amanda and I were hoping to leave the house around 2:00 to head to Lewisville to spend the weekend with the Lambeths.  We were able to get out around 2:30, but we had to get gas and stop by Port City Community Church real quick.  Between leaving later than we wanted to and Milly being angry because she couldn’t sit in her booster seat, it was a little stressful.  We made pretty good time though and got there around 6:00.  Milly was good until about Greensboro, so she spent the last half hour of the trip upset.

We all ate together and then just lounged about.  After Milly and Graelyn went to bed we sat on the couch, talked, watched a little TV.  Pretty low-key night I suppose.  I spent some time doing some work that I couldn’t do in the car on the way up.

Milly tends to wake up when doors open, and if she’s in the same room as us we end up waking up a lot earlier than usual because she’s excited when she sees us, so Ben set their pack & play up in the bathroom for us.  As an added bonus, we ran the fan so she could have some constant low noise.

In sports news, Cody Zeller chose Indiana over Carolina today.  Cody Zeller is the younger brother of Tar Heel forward Tyler Zeller.  It sucks for Carolina because they’re already thin up front and there are few options for bigs next season.

Zach Dotsey