Milly seemed to wake up crying just about every hour last night.  She never cried for long though, so Amanda and I left her alone until we got up in the morning.

Milly Dotsey gets to face forward in the car seat for the first time

I went straight to work at Ben and Jessica’s dining room table.  We had an early lunch where we met up with Ben at Qdoba.  Amanda and Jessica moved Milly’s car seat into Jessica’s van and set it up to face forward.  Amanda and I were planning on doing that once she turned 18 months, but we figured we’d go ahead and do it because it would probably make long trips better for her, plus she’s starting to get too long to face the seat.  She did seem to enjoy it.

Graelyn Lambeth at the park

After lunch, Amanda and Jessica took Milly and Graelyn to a park across the street from the Lambeth house while I stayed and worked.  They came back to put the girls down then went out to do a little shopping or something.  I never heard a peep from Milly or Graelyn in that time, so I was able to work just fine.  I spent a lot of time (more than I should have) creating a graphic.  I’ll use it in my last post of this year or the first one next year.

Milly Dotsey at the park

After Ben got home the ladies went out to get some food for dinner.  Ben and I pulled apart a rotisserie chicken to use in the casserole Jessica was fixing.  Afterwards the girls were given a bath and Milly was put down in Graelyn’s crib so Amanda and I could use the bathroom during the night without having to go downstairs (not that it was a big deal).  Graelyn was in the pack & play in Ben and Jessica’s room.  They said she’s usually fine like that.

We tossed around the idea of playing a game tonight, but never got around to it.  We ate cookies and watched TV and were in a generally silly mood.

Carolina had their first real game of the season tonight against the Lipscomb Bisons and won it 80-66, though the game was pretty close until the last few minutes.  I kept up with the game by checking the score on my iPhone and reading commentary on both the Duke and Carolina message boards.  From what I can pick up, Carolina will be better than they were last season, but they’re still not going to be too scary.  Also, while Harrison Barnes was pretty good, he doesn’t look like the all-world player Heels were hoping for.

Zach Dotsey