We woke up, ate breakfast and loaded up the Lambeth van to head to Asheboro.  Amanda tends to get motion sickness so she sat up front with Ben while Jessica and I sat in the back and caught up on family news and discussed what we’d do if we won the lottery.

Milly and Graelyn were both so good at the zoo.  This was Milly’s first trip and at least Graelyn’s second.  We got there around 10:00 and started out in the Africa section, ate a lunch we’d packed around noon and then walked around the North America section before leaving around 3:00.

The elephants weren’t out and the lion was lazing about, which was a little disappointing, but they really enjoyed other animals.  Milly seemed to be pretty wowed with the giraffes (first animals we saw), chimps, baboons, otters and fish the most, but I think her favorite exhibit overall was the sea lions.  You could watch them underwater and there was one that hung out around the viewing area a bunch while another one kept swimming by every now and then.

For the most part, the girls rode on the shoulders of their dads, but they rode in the strollers a little bit as well.  Milly wanted to walk every now and then, but I’d always end up picking her up to catch up with everyone else.  There were a few cranky outburst, but it was very limited.  That was pretty good considering that Milly (unlike Graelyn) didn’t nap on the way to the zoo and neither one of them napped while we were there.

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It was the birthday of one of Ben and Jessica’s friends, so we went out to a place called Kernal Kustard after the girls had naps and dinner.  It was a pretty cool little plaza that had that (they served ice cream type stuff, along with some regular foods) and a coffee shop and I think one other place.  I don’t think either was an inside-eating place, but they had a canopied area with tables and a heater.

There were three or four couples that Ben and Jessica knew out there and most of them had pretty young kids.  All the kids had a good time messing around in the plaza.  It was a pretty fun time.

After we got back it was discovered that Jessica had lost her phone.  Ben said that wasn’t uncommon, but after looking everywhere for it and even calling to see if it might have been left while we were out the search was finally dropped and we played Funglish.

Since we only had three players, we played it in a different way from usual.  For every correct answer we gave a point to the person who guessed it as well as the person putting the words on the board.  I had an awful first round, but Amanda and Jessica killed it, placing first and second respectively.  I had a good second round and ended up in third.

After that we stayed up and watched some Saturday Night Live and eventually we all wandered off to bed.

Zach Dotsey