Happy second birthday to my niece, Addison Sawyer!

The highlight of my day was watching Duke’s first game of the season against Princeton.  The final score was 97-60.  The three players everyone talks about are Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and Kyrie Irving, who all did great.  Irving, making his debut in this game, didn’t show any freshman jitters.  Andre Dawkins and Seth Curry were a lot of fun to watch too.  I think my favorite plays though were when freshmen Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton each got steals followed by buckets.  Thornton’s play is #2 in the video above.

Duke’s got so many weapons this year, it’s ridiculous.  The only real question mark for them is how the bigs have developed.  Ryan Kelly has put on some good weight, but most people are waiting to see what Miles and Mason Plumlee are going to bring.  Even if they fail to make much progress from last year though, Duke’s got enough scorers that they shouldn’t have many losses this season.  There’s a reason sports writers are saying that this season there’s Duke, then there’s everybody else.

Ben was up early this morning because he was playing (bass, I think?) at Salem Chapel this morning.  Jessica got up and got Graelyn ready for church while Amanda and I got Milly up and ready and packed everything up to go.  We considered sticking around and having lunch with Ben and Jessica before leaving, but we’d have ended up leaving after 1:00 and it would have been about dark by the time we got back to Wilmington.  It’s always nice to have some time to unwind from a long drive, you know?

Anyway, we had a great time visiting with the Lambeths.  They’re hoping to make it down our way sometime in January.  It’ll get tougher to get together soon, as they’ve got a boy on the way in March.

The drive back to Wilmington was uneventful.  We made one stop at a rest stop to change Milly’s diaper.  We ended up hanging out there for a few minutes and letting Milly play with fallen leaves before finishing the trip home.  We arrived around 12:30 to the joy of some happy dogs.

Cobb’s face is much better now, by the way.  The shot the vet gave him a few days ago has worked some magic.

I was tired today.  For some reason I woke up early the last couple days and couldn’t fall back asleep.  It might have in part had to do with the fact that I’ve been starting to get sick, but I don’t think that was it.  I was comfortable too, so I don’t know what the problem was.  Anyway, I took a nice, long nap this afternoon then Amanda and I caught up on some TV before watching Princeton at Duke.

Zach Dotsey