Milly was very playful and interactive today.  She’s doing so much more lately.  She’s dancing more often and throwing arm movements into it.  She’s saying more, too.  I had a call from my sister, Andra Sawyer, today.  When I gave Milly the phone to talk to Andra, she just walked all around and made conversational noises.  After we got off the phone she said (with prompting, of course) the names of all my and Amanda’s immediate family members plus cousins and great-grandparents.  Of course, how well she said them varied from name to name.  Michael was “mommy” a few times and Adam and Addie were both pretty much the same.

As good as she was during the day today, Milly was pretty cranky this evening.  She was sweet once we got her upstairs though.  She put one of her stuffed animals, I think it was Patches (a small teddy bear her Paw Paw got for her on a mission trip to Canada) in the rocking chair.  Amanda said “Rock, rock,” as Milly was rocking the rocking chair, and Milly picked up on it and started saying it, too.  Of course, it was more like, “Rah, rah.”

After Milly went to bed, Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead.  I love that show and hate that the first season is only six episodes (although as successful as it’s been, more have already been ordered).  After Amanda went to bed I watched Smallville.

Zach Dotsey