Duke whooped up on Miami (Ohio) tonight.  We were at small group when it started, so I watched it on the DVR when I got home.  The final score was 79-45.  Duke’s defense was on, though the offense didn’t seem as crisp as it should have.  The overall feeling, I think, is that we’re looking for the post players to put it together.  As Mason Plumlee says towards the end of the video above though, they know they’ve got some work to do.  On a nice note though, Duke was up enough that Casey Peters and Todd Zafirovski got a little playing time at the end.

I had a crazy busy day at work today.  I had a number of updates to work on, but on top of that we recently purchased another website from someone.  This one ranks very high in Myrtle Beach, so we had some work to do.  We want to update the look a little, but on top of that we’re looking to get someone to represent us down that way so we’ll have a local presence.

As part of the last series at church, we did a big focus on finances, and part of the small group study was to find an accountability partner (or couple).  The Johnsons are ours, so Amanda figured out some money stuff (not good, but I won’t get into it here) and we got together with Reece and Stephanie to have dinner (hand-made pizza that Reece made!) and talk money.  It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be to open up about it.

Small group started as we were finishing.  Reece and I were the only guys for a while because Mike and Joel are doing No Shave November to raise awareness and donations for Make a Wish, and they had a meeting about it tonight that lasted well into small group time.  Still though, we had a good meeting and a good discussion.

Milly was a little fussy that we were leaving when we left to go to the Johnsons’, but as always, Kirsten said that Milly was “awesome, as always” and thanked us for letting her watch her.  They played outside a bit and she said Milly let her read to her some.

I felt like I didn’t see Milly much today.  I guess it was because I was so busy with work that I didn’t take little breaks to see her, or she just didn’t make her way back to the office very much as she usually does from time to time.  It almost makes me wish that she’ll wake up tonight so I can go check on her.

Zach Dotsey