And with this post, I am caught up!  I’ve been behind since Thursday.  Sorry to keep you waiting, my adoring readers.

Anyway, Milly was a lot of fun today.  We’ve all been a little sick in this house over the past week, and Milly, though she was still coughing a little today and still had to have her nose wiped a couple of times, was much better today, which I think had a bit to do with it.

This morning I played some music on the computer for her during breakfast and she was dancing as best she could in her booster seat, which means she was wiggling her shoulders.  After breakfast she wanted to go play outside, so I let her do that.  I was out there with her the whole time, but she somehow managed to get a scratch under her left eye and a couple more on her right hand.  I have no idea how she did it.

She was talking a lot today too.  It seems like her speech is getting better and better every day, and she’s trying out more complex words.  Macaroni was one today, though it sounded almost like she was stringing a few mommas together with a little bit of added inflection here or there.

Milly also figured out that she can climb on the ottoman we had between a chest and an end table, which means she can climb on the end table, which is where we have traditionally put things we wanted to keep out of her reach.  After we moved it she just figured she’d climb up the couch anyway.

It also appears that Milly is against recycling.  She was playing in the kitchen and took everything out of a bag we had some recyclable items in and put half of them in the trash can.  The rest she left on the floor or brought into the living room to play with.  Seriously, who needs to buy toys?  She also entertained herself by pulling out a pot, stirring it (with nothing in it) with a spatula then pretending to eat off of it.  She even fed some of it to Brian Zoubear.

Speaking of food, we had a lot of salad today.  That’s good, because it’s cheap and good for you.  I didn’t even get to drown it with ranch dressing because we ran out.

Somewhere in the fun of the day, Milly put a rip in the last page of The Lorax, which is a shame.

Milly also put socks on her feet by herself for the first time today.  She had some of Amanda’s socks and put them on up to her ankle, which means the rest of the length was hanging off of her feet.  At first she put Amanda’s boots on (she likes putting our shoes on), but after a bit she decided to just walk around with excess sock trailing off her feet.

After Milly went to bed, Amanda and I watched The Event.  We actually watched two episodes because we’re backed up.  Amanda went to bed after that and I, well, I wrote out everything from Sunday through today.

In non-Milly news, I stayed pretty busy with work today before I went to a meeting this afternoon.  I was supposed to meet the client sometime between 3:00 and 3:30 and got to the decided-upon Port City Java at about ten ’til so I figured I’d just do some more work until he showed up.

Well, I finally called at about 3:45.  It turned out that we were both there, but we were across the room from each other.  He’d brought his wife, too, which threw me off.  The last time he and I met was probably three or four years ago and apparently neither of us remembered enough what the other looked like.  On top of that, his wife had met with Scott back in the day for a different website, so she had a totally different image in her head.  I’m short with curly dark hair while Scott’s tall with thinning blond hair.  He’s also about ten years older than I am.

Anyway, the meeting went well.  The client was starting to panic about some things, but I think I did a good job of assuring him where the site was and how the things he’s worried about are things that won’t take long at all.  He even gave me a can of his product before we left.

Zach Dotsey