When I went to get Milly out of her crib this morning, I thought to myself, “Wait, we didn’t put pajamas on her last night?  Would Amanda have let her go to bed for the night without pajamas?”  Then Milly, as she usually does, handed me one of her blankets.  Then she handed me her pajamas.

Yeah, apparently she completely unbuttoned her onsie pajamas at some point between 8:00 last night and 8:00 this morning and removed her clothes.  At least her diaper was still on.  Then again, after I posted this on Facebook I got a reply from Lisa (Robinson) Johnson, a girl I went to high school with, who said her daughter had done the same thing and recently started handing her diapers to her parents and saying, “Here you go.  I poop!”

Ahh, the things we look forward to!

Amanda’s dad was in town getting some dental work done and took Amanda and Milly to Elizabeth’s Pizza.  I stayed behind to work.  It was a pretty busy day for me.

We have an ongoing joke with Paul and Kim Ayars about getting together to eat.  Amanda decided to make some chicken pot pie tonight and said something about finally inviting them over, so I called Paul up.  It was short notice, he was pretty swamped and Kim was out anyway.  At least, as Paul and I discussed, it’s a step.

It actually worked out okay though.  Amanda’s college roommate, Karen Malay (I’m not sure what her married name is; it’s still Malay on Facebook so maybe she didn’t change it) was in town, so she came by.  Karen’s expecting a baby girl in 12 weeks, I think she said.  I’ve always liked Karen, so it was good to catch up with her.

Milly was a little fussy before Karen got here and sporadically while she was still here.  She was a little shy with her at first, but before we finished dinner Milly was dancing and babbling like she usually does.  She even asked Karen to read/sing Snuggle Puppy (a book with a sing in it; the only one she calls by name), though Amanda spared Karen the task and did it for her.  She also gave Karen a hug and a kiss before she left.

After Karen took off and Milly was in bed, Amanda and I watched the usual Thursday night shows then she went to bed.

Carolina beat the crap out of Hofstra tonight.  The ACC seems to be very split this season though.  At the top you’ve got teams like Duke, Carolina, NC State, Virginia Tech and Maryland.  All the rest seem to be pretty weak.  Wake Forest has already lost two games to Stetson and VCU for crying out loud.

Zach Dotsey