Duke blew out the Colgate Raiders to the tune of 110-58.  (Yeah, it was Colgate, but it was still good to see.)  While that was going on, Carolina lost 72-67 to the Minnesota Gophers.  To top it off, Harrison Barnes, the “best freshman ever” according to Sports Illustrated, an unheard of freshman on the pre-season All-American team, the most hyped freshman in the country who a lot of Duke fans feel dissed Coach K and the Duke program when he picked UNC (you can ask me more on that if you want to know; it’s not just sour grapes) missed every shot he took.

Of course, I’d take a Duke win over a Carolina loss any day of the week.  Duke was playing good defense the whole game, but the offense was a little rough in the first half.  Ryan Kelly got his second start and looked pretty good. Duke’s bench scored 45 points, which was great.  The second half was much better.  In fact, the two halves were scored like this: 44-26 and 66-32.  Yeah, it was fun to watch.

I had to watch the game online, as I think it’s the only Duke game that isn’t televised this year.  The ESPN3 feed was decent on our 50″ TV.  Not as good as regular HD of course, but for watching a live feed of a sporting event, it wasn’t anything worth complaining about.

Dino Gaudio, who was the coach at Wake Forest last year, was one of the commentators.  When I saw him on there I said, “Oh, that’s what happened to Dino Gaudio.”  I enjoyed his commentary and hope they put him on some more Duke games in the future.

Scott was nice enough to let me get my paycheck a couple days early this month, so I ran out to do that, accompanied by my wife and my baby.  On the way out we stopped by 17th Street because I mentioned an interest in getting some Sanuks for Christmas and wanted to check some out, but they didn’t have any in my size.

On the way back home we also stopped by Best Buy so I could give Amanda some Christmas present ideas to some people who were asking.

After we got home Milly took a nap and I got back to work.  Amanda went out and got some turkey burgers and grilled them for dinner.

Milly’s been playing with her larger stuffed animals lately.  For a while she’s carried around the little ones: Sweet Pea, CT Bear and Brian Zoubear.  Over the past few days she’s spent more time with Princess Hippo, the Elephant and a couple of old stuffed animals of Amanda’s.  The former ones are small enough that she could hold two or three in her arm at a time.  The latter ones are about two-thirds her size.

I’m about tired of this cough that I’ve got.

Zach Dotsey