After we got home from church and breakfast at Sweet & Savory (prompted by a gift card my brother, Adam, gave us before he moved out of town), Amanda discussed moving some things around in the house.

“There goes my traditional Sunday nap,” I thought.

Later, after we had moved the office around a bit to make room for an end table from the living room and I was sorting out various cords and reorganizing/cleaning up my desk area, I thought about how much I don’t like it when we’re productive on Sundays.  It’s usually the day we take it easy, you know?

Looking at the office now, and having created more room in the living room and dining area of the kitchen, I am, of course, happy that we took the time to do it today.  When I’m finished with this I’m going to rearrange things in the TV stand just a little too.  And to think it all started because Amanda wanted to find a place to put a toy kitchen set that she wants to get Milly for Christmas.

In doing all my cleaning up, I decided it was time to get rid of a lot of the electronic junk I have piled up.  I chucked three hard drives.  One is 400 megabytes (it was HUGE at the time I bought it), one is 40 gigabytes and one was my external drive that went bad a little while back.  I guess I could repurpose the 40 G one.  Maybe I’ll stick it in an external drive case, but I’m not sure what I’d store on it.  I’m got way more than 40 gigs of pictures and videos, and just about everything else I store I need ready access to.  I’ll have to think on that.

I also threw my original 40 GB iPod in the trash bag.  I hated to do that because of how much it originally cost, but it hasn’t worked in a while.  While going through some boxes and bins I found the booklet for it as well as a power adapter.  Just for the hell of it, I took it out of the trash, plugged it in and lo and behold, it worked!  I want to find a dock for it and put it in Milly’s room.

After Milly woke up (yeah, we did all that work during Milly’s nap) she ate and we went to Hugh MacRae Park, stopping off at Toys R Us to look at kitchen sets and other things.  There was one doll Milly was loving on until I pushed the button that made it sneeze and talk.  Milly didn’t like it after that, so I took her to the stuffed animals aisle, where she hugged and kissed almost every animal I gave her.  Amanda pointed out that Milly seemed to like the weird-looking ones the best, which made me wonder if that was going to be how she ends up being with her taste in guys.

Milly wasn’t all that into the park today, so we weren’t there long.  After we got home Amanda warmed up some turkey burgers for us to eat.  After that meal I went over to Travis’ house to pick up my Xbox 360 hard drive.  We got to talking about games and he ended up loaning me the first two Assassin’s Creed games.  I plan to start those when I’m done with this (after I rearrange the stuff in the TV stand).

I talked to Amanda on my way back.  She told me Milly was walking all around calling for me.  We also talked about a Cabbage Patch doll Amanda wanted to get for Milly for Christmas.  She said that she looked it up and found out that the one she wanted to get (which I talked her out of going ahead and buying today) turns out to be a hot seller.  Not wanting to go all the way back to Toys R Us, I went to Target to look for it, since we also needed milk anyway.  Well, they didn’t have the right one there so I decided to go on to Toys R Us, where I did pick one up.

All the while, up until I got to the checkout at Toys R Us, I was talking to Jason.  He’d gone to visit his girlfriend, Liz, last weekend and got to meet her son.  It sounds like that went really well, and that the kid liked Jason a lot, so that’s really great.

When I pulled up to the house I could hear Milly at the door shouting, “Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!”  It was so sweet and just melted my heart.

There was a Carolina game on tonight where they were playing Vanderbilt for third place in the Puerto Rico tournament.  Vandy was up ten at the half, but it was only a three-point game by the time I got home.  We watched the end of that, where I began teaching Milly to boo the Heels.  It worked, I guess, because they lost.  The Carolina message board is in total meltdown tonight, having lost two straight games to decent but not great teams.

I jokingly discussed their ranking with Amanda today.  I asked her where they’d be ranked if they did indeed lost both of their games this week (as they ended up doing).  I said they should be 22-24 (or unranked, honestly), but said they’d probably remain in the top ten anyway.  Last season, when they were so bad, they moved down the polls really slow.  I think it was because the pollsters didn’t want to eat much crow for ranking them so high in the pre-season, but also because of the name on the front of the jersey.  I could see that happening again, or I could see some of the people saying to themselves, “You know, I really shouldn’t have bought into the hype and ranked them to high to start off with.  This is a good excuse to rectify that.”

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

After the game went off Amanda finished watching an episode of Ellen, and she interviewed the homosexual kid from Glee.  They discussed the hot topic of bullying, and, not having kept up with it, I asked Amanda if they were talking about bullying in general, or if it had turned into a gay issue.  She said that it’s a general issue, but that the gay aspect of it gets most of the focus, it seems.  We talked a little about (general) bullying, not that either of us had ever really had any issue with it, and while we were talking about it I looked at Milly.  She was sitting on the floor with a few bead necklaces draped around her, or she was trying to wrap them around her legs (only to be shocked when she stood up and they fell off).  Anyway, she was off in her own little world, playing and happy, and right then I imagined some mean kids picking on my sweet girl; kids who couldn’t see her the way I see her and wouldn’t know about precious and innocent times like what I was witnessing.  When I thought of that I had a swelling of anger, and I told Amanda that if anyone ever did something like that to Milly that I’d want to beat the crap out of them.  My actual thoughts were a little more vulgar, but that’s all I said.

Milly was really sweet tonight.  She played a lot with those bead necklaces and she gave me and Amanda a lot of hugs.  She even gave us simultaneous hugs today.  We really are blessed with that child and the happiness she brings not only us, but those around her.

Speaking of those around her to whom she brings happiness, we didn’t go to Vito’s tonight.  There was a full moon and Barry had plans to take Anna out to dinner on The Oceanic’s pier for a romantic evening.

And speaking of Anna and Barry, Anna told us what they got us for Christmas because she wanted to make sure we didn’t get it or didn’t have plans for it.  It’s really funny, because it’s something that Amanda and I said we wished we could get for them, but we just couldn’t afford it.  Not that I guess there’s any point in not saying it, but I’m not going to say it.  It’s really good though, and we’ll have a lot of fun with it.  I know because we had a lot of fun with it last time, too.

Zach Dotsey