It’s halftime for the Duke and Kansas State game.  Duke is ranked #1 and K-State is ranked #4 (though they were #3 last week and got bumped down without a loss).  It’s going well so far, with Duke leading by eight.  The refs seem to want to insert themselves into the game a bit.

It’s coming back on now.  I’ll be back later.

Aaaand Duke won, 82-68.  Great game.  The refs got a little too involved and made some really bad calls (both ways) and I’d like to start a petition to get advertising stickers removed from college basketball courts because so many guys slipped on them tonight, causing unnecessary turnovers.  But the simple fact of the matter is that if Duke can beat a legitimate top five team like that, it’s going to be a long season for everyone else.

Oh man, this Duke team is so good.  Jacob Pullen, K State’s All-American, was held to four points.  One stat during the game said he’d scored in double digits in 41 consecutive games.  Duke’s defense was really good and five players were in double digits, including 17-point games from Nolan Smith and Kyrie Irving.

This game told a lot about Duke and gave fans plenty to celebrate.

In other basketball news, Michigan State lost to UConn which sucks because 1) the Huskies are my second least favorite team, right next to North Carolina, and 2) Duke plays them in a week or so and I wanted Duke to beat them in a #1 vs. #2 matchup.  It’s at Cameron in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge, and I think Duke should be pretty heavily favored in it.

Work seemed to be made up almost entirely of newsletters today.  It’s right before Thanksgiving, so a lot of people are wanting to get their newsletters out, and it seemed like a number of them needed help with this thing or that regarding them.  Not a big deal.

Milly changed up her sleep schedule today.  She didn’t go down for her first nap until 10:30, and might have stayed up even longer if I’d let her.  She occupied herself by stacking some coasters into their holder then dumping them out and repeating.  When I did put her down for her nap, she just sat up in the crib with the blankets wrapped around her shoulders.  I think she was playing with a stuffed animal when I left.  She didn’t complain though.

I want to say she didn’t get up until about 2:30, whereas she usually gets up at 12:30 or 1:00.  Even when Amanda brought her downstairs, she was fussy as though she was still tired.  She wasn’t fussy for long though; she just needed to wake up some.

This afternoon Milly kept herself busy playing with some dominoes.  I think one or two might be missing, which can kind of ruin a game of dominoes.  She enjoyed it though.  Amanda or I would stack them up and Milly would knock them down, or she’d carry them a few at a time from the living room back to me in the office, then take them back when I asked her to give them to Mommy.  When Amanda and I left for small group, Kirsten was setting them up for Milly to show how to knock them down, domino effect-style.

Small group was great tonight.  We all went over to the Cains’ and had a Thanksgiving meal with everyone bringing something.  We took turns saying something we were thankful for during dinner.  We were all so stuffed, too.  Three hours after we finished eating, I’m still feeling bloated.  It was all so good though.

Zach Dotsey