Jackson, Addison and Milly playing with Winnie the PoohAmanda and I woke up at 7:00 when Milly was laughing at Harvey.  No idea why.  I guess she just thought it was funny that “Haw-ee” or “Hawby” (which seems to be her favorite word lately) was in the room.

Andra had left to go shopping for Black Friday sales at 4 AM and Dad told me that he had been up about that time and saw Josh in the kitchen.  Josh had apparently just put last night’s bonfire out and was coming inside.

Erin scrambled some eggs with sausage for breakfast, which was nice of her.  Andra, Addison and Jackson spent the morning playing, mostly on the Winnie the Pooh riding thing.  Sometimes Addison pushed Milly, sometimes Jackson pushed Addison and Milly.  They played together great.

We waited a little while to leave, though Amanda and I decided to try to take off a bit earlier than originally planned to try to make sure Milly didn’t get whatever was causing Addison’s fever (which seemed to be fine as long as she’d taken some Tylenol).  We wanted to wait for Andra, for one, and we wanted to wait for my dad.  He’d had a little bit of work to do this morning that he could have taken care of from home, but he couldn’t get his login right and didn’t have anyone to call for support.  He said it took him longer to drive to work than it did to do the work.

I called Andra at one point and she said she’d be home in about 45 minutes or so, but when I called her an hour later she was leaving and stopping to get something to eat then coming home.  She was out at Southpoint, which is a good 30-45 minutes from our parents’ house.

In the meantime, I hooked Erin up with some music to listen to and talked to my mom about kids and such.  When my dad got home we took a family picture.  He said he’d take one of Andra and send it to me, which I’m then going to try to Photoshop in.

Amanda, Milly and I took off from Rougemont for Richlands.  Milly was happy to see her Nana and Paw Paw, but she was captivated by the stones in a small fountain in their sun room.  She kept taking them out and handing them to people then moving them or giving them to other people.

Amanda and Karen went out to do some Christmas shopping and Phil went to pick up some stuff at the Piggly Wiggly.  Milly went down for a nap and I worked on fixing up and uploading some pictures.  Michael and Jenn eventually showed up, having been out shopping themselves, but then they left to check out the Christmas lights at Mike’s Farm.

We were all back together later in the evening and Phil made pizza with homemade dough from his bread maker.  It was really good.  Unfortunately, my stomach wasn’t feeling the best so I didn’t eat as much of it as I’d have liked to have.  In fact, I think I’m getting sick again because I was coughing a good bit today, which sucks because I had just gotten over another cold.

Amanda, Karen, Michael, Jenn and I played Funglish with our no-teams rules.  I killed it, with Amanda coming in second.

Zach Dotsey