We did not sleep well last night, which is pretty usual at Amanda’s parents’ house.  Bruce kept wanting to go out of the room and Harvey kept scratching himself, which made a lot of noise with his collar.  On top of that, just as I was over one cold I seem to have gotten another, so I was coughing a lot.

Milly slept great though.  We set up the pack & play in the dungeon, a small room that used to be a play room for Amanda and Michael.  It has no windows and is pitch black with the door closed.  I used to love sleeping in there.  Milly appears to like it too, since she slept in until after 9:00.

We, and by we I mean everyone in the house: me, Amanda, Milly, Karen, Phil, Michael and Jenn, got in the Karenmobile and headed off to Greenville to see Phil’s side of the family at his cousins Paul Bowlin’s house.  The food was great and Milly was a hit.  Paul and Linda hadn’t seen her in a year, and it’s been a while since Ona and Peter have seen her, too.  Linda and Jessica were particularly enamored of her.  Milly spent some time chasing their cats on the back porch trying to catch and love on them, I’m sure.

I spent some time playing the Wii with Michael, Stanton, William and Wesley upstairs.  Wesley was kind of a video game bully.  He’d have us play against him, but he wouldn’t tell us exactly how to play the games we didn’t know.  He seemed to really enjoy making fools of us older fellas.

After a little while a bunch of us went on a trek through the woods in Paul and Linda’s backyard.  They’re really close to the Tar River, and there are trenches cut all through the hill leading to the river that Paul said are supposed to be Civil War trenches.  Pretty cool.

We got back to Richlands eventually, just in time for Duke’s game versus Oregon to be over.  I already knew the score (98-71), but I wanted to watch it anyway.  Coach K schedules “homecoming” games for his seniors, and this was Kyle Singler’s.  It was billed as Singler vs. Singler because his little brother, EJ, a sophomore, plays for them.  Kyle Singler scored 30 points, which I believe tied his career record.

Copying her Nana, Milly said “silly goose” this evening.  It was very cute and shows how much she can mimic now.  She was very sociable tonight in Richlands and in Greenville.

Zach Dotsey