Charles put up some Christmas lights across the street over the weekend and turned them on tonight.  Milly saw the lights and was really amazed by them.  Unfortunately, he didn’t keep them on long, and Milly both signed for and said, “More,” (which is pronounced “muh”).  She started getting upset that they wouldn’t come back on, so Amanda posted something  about it on Deanna’s Facebook wall.  They were back on a few minutes later.  Milly spent a good bit of time sitting on the bench by the window staring or waving at the lights.

In order to make sure I didn’t bother Amanda, I slept on a couch downstairs in the sun room at Amanda’s parents’ house last night.  Harvey pressed his cold, wet nose against mine at 6 AM, so I let him and Bruce out.  I went upstairs at 8, but I didn’t really get any sleep after that.  I did stay in bed for a while though.

Milly was up at 9 and went to church with Amanda and her parents.  I just didn’t feel like going.

Subway was brought home for lunch, and after that Amanda and I packed up and headed back on to Wilmington.  Milly fell asleep on the way and I put her right in the crib when we got home.  Amanda and I watched a bit of TV to clear up the DVR, which is 87% full.

The Tar Heels played the College of Charleston this evening.  If you recall, Carolina’s game at the CoC last year was the loss that seemed to really kick off their disaster of a season. Carolina won tonight though.  I think the Cougars just ran out of gas.  The final score was 74-69, but that score doesn’t even do justice to how bad of a game it was for Carolina.  They got a win, but a win like that wasn’t the kind of victory they needed.  Not that I mind one bit.

When the Christmas lights weren’t on across the street, Milly was a little fussy this evening.  Amanda even asked if she wanted a bath, but she said no, which was a shocking first.  She ended up getting one anyway, and she didn’t mind.  She did almost slip out of the tub while leaning out of it, but I caught her with my usual Spider-Man-like child-saving reflexes (which just weren’t on display back on Thursday).

Zach Dotsey