Milly’s saying lots of phrases and sentences now.  One of them is “Rr raw ruh,” which is Millynese for “I love you.”

She did a pretty funny thing this evening after we put her pajamas on her, which was to take several of her bathing suits and put her legs through them then start walking around.  I mean, she’s take one bathing suit and on leg through the holes in it, then do the same with another one.  Strange baby.

Before putting her to bed, we also asked her, while in her room, where this stuffed animal or that one was, and she knew all of them by either name or type of animal.  We were pretty impressed.

There was lots or work to do today and little done.  After Christmas last year we were swamped for a few months, so maybe that’ll happen again.  It’s a mixed bag, because when it’s too busy, it’s stressful, but I do make more money.

Milly was very sweet today when I was paying attention to her, less so when I wasn’t, and she only took one nap.  That sort of contributed to not getting as much done as I wanted to get done today.

Speaking of work and wanting to get more done, there’s one less employee now where Amanda works.  She’ll be picking up a little extra to do.

Amanda and I watched The Walking Dead this evening.  In a zombie mood, I looked up The Zombie Survival Guide on, where it turns out they have a pretty lengthy preview/excerpt of the book.  I spent a bit of time reading through it.  If you couldn’t tell, I enjoy the zombie horror sub-genre.  It’s not a recent thing, either, though I’m not hardcore.  I think I first became fascinated with it when I saw Day of the Dead.

Zach Dotsey